• More hospitals target pharmacy staff burnout

    As more pharmacy employees report burnout, 84 percent of hospitals are working to reverse the growing trend, according to a national study conducted by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
  • A unique Ozempic side effect: Weird dreams

    Many people taking popular weight loss drugs such as Ozempic and Wegovy are reporting an unexpected side effect: having bizarre and vivid dreams, The Wall Street Journal reported April 18. 
  • Mark Cuban builds a pharmacy network

    Mark Cuban is creating an independent pharmacy network to "serve patients more widely" after pitching the idea to local pharmacy owners in February. 
  • New Alzheimer's drug lacks a 'net health benefit,' ICER says

    The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review found lecanemab, Eisai and Biogen's recently approved Alzheimer's drug, failed to "demonstrate a net health benefit" when compared to supportive care for adults with early Alzheimer's disease. 
  • Cleveland Clinic donates building to charitable pharmacy group

    Canton, Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital donated an unused office building to Beacon Charitable Pharmacy, a nonprofit pharmacy that provides low-cost prescription medication.
  • FDA approves cell therapy for blood cancers

    The FDA approved an allogeneic cord-blood-based cell therapy for people with blood cancers.
  • AHA ramps up 340B protection efforts

    The American Hospital Association teamed up with nonprofit organization 340B Health and the Arkansas Hospital Association to file an amicus brief against a constitutional challenge brought by a pharma lobby group. 
  • 13 new drug supply issues

    So far in April, seven more drugs are in short supply and six are discontinued, according to the FDA and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.
  • 'A big shift' in cancer vaccine development: mRNA shot cuts melanoma relapse

    For decades, cancer vaccines have been tested, though no real promising results have emerged. However, results of a new clinical trial involving melanoma patients are giving experts a fresh boost of optimism. 
  • HHS extends some COVID-19 flexibilities for pharmacy workers

    HHS is planning to extend certain flexibilities and liability protections for pharmacy workers under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act until December 2024, the agency said April 14.
  • Strep cases are up as amoxicillin remains scarce: How 1 pharmacist is coping

    In the middle of a rising wave of strep cases and an ongoing nationwide shortage of amoxicillin that normally treats it, a Wisconsin pharmacist is finding ways to make ends meet, ABC News affiliate WKOW reported April 12.
  • 15 biggest pharmacies by prescription revenue

    Pharmacies earned a record $548 billion from prescription dispensing revenues in 2022, and 15 pharmacies account for 75 percent of that figure, according to Drug Channels.
  • 2 gene therapies are cost effective at $1.9M: ICER draft

    Two gene therapies for sickle cell disease are each worth up to $1.9 million, according to an April 12 draft evidence report from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review.
  • This pharma company hasn't licensed a single drug in 15 years 

    Horizon Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company focusing on treatments for rare diseases, has a unique success story, considering the company hasn't licensed a single drug product since its founding in 2008, KFF Health News reported April 13.
  • Top 15 specialty pharmacies by 2022 revenue

    Payer- and pharmacy benefit manager-owned specialty pharmacy chains displaced retail chains as the most lucrative specialty pharmacy businesses in 2022, according to Drug Channels. 
  • Walgreens to broaden MS care

    Walgreens and healthcare coaching company Cariloop are teaming up to help multiple sclerosis patients and their caregivers. 
  • Moderna flu shot candidate fails to find early success in phase 3

    Ten months after Moderna announced its phase 3 trial for a flu shot candidate, the company says the vaccine "did not accrue sufficient cases in an early efficacy analysis" to declare success.
  • Fentanyl-xylazine mix labeled an 'emerging threat'

    The Biden administration designated fentanyl-xylazine combinations as an "emerging threat" April 12.  
  • Biogen reduces multiple sclerosis team

    Cambridge, Mass.-based Biogen is cutting its workforce again after laying off 885 people last year, Boston Business Journal reported April 10.
  • Another cancer drug is backordered

    Thirty-four solutions of docetaxel injection, a drug intended for five different cancers, are on back order, according to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

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