• J&J acquires immune disease biologics company for $850M

    Johnson & Johnson has completed its $850 million acquisition of Proteologix, a biologics company that specializes in developing treatments for immune-mediated diseases, it announced June 21.
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  • Eli Lilly hits phony drugmakers with 6 more lawsuits

    Counterfeit versions of Eli Lilly's blockbuster GLP-1 anti-obesity medications Mounjaro and Zepound are under fire from the drugmaker as it intensifies legal efforts to combat fraudulent and off-label cosmetic uses.
  • Walgreens pursues provider status for pharmacists

    Walgreens is on a mission to attain provider status for its pharmacists. 
  • UW Health's solution to limited pharmacy hours

    As pharmacies trim operating hours, Madison, Wis.-based UW Health is improving convenience and increasing access with medication kiosks. 
  • Insured patients often save less with Mark Cuban's drug company: Study

    Individuals with health insurance are more likely to spend less on generic drugs when using their benefits compared to going through Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drug Company, according to a study published June 14 in JAMA Health Forum.
  • Antibiotics pipeline is 'insufficient': WHO

    Antibiotics currently in the clinical pipeline are still "inefficient" against the increasing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance, according to the World Health Organization's 2023 report on antibacterial agents in clinical and preclinical development, published June 14.
  • Amazon expands RxPass to members on Medicare

    Medicare beneficiaries can now enroll in Amazon Pharmacy's RxPass medication prescription service, an Amazon Prime member benefit that offers access to dozens of commonly prescribed medications for $5 a month. 
  • Cancer therapy trials paused after 2 deaths

    The FDA has placed clinical holds on three trials run by Zentalis Pharmaceuticals after two study participants died, the biopharmaceutical company said June 18. 
  • 5 drugs now in shortage

    Since 2020, drug shortage durations have increased by one year, with the average shortage lasting 3.3 years, according to U.S. Pharmacopoeia.
  • 340B drug program spending up 19% + 6 other notes

    Spending on drugs purchased at discounted 340B prices across all participating facilities went up 19% annually between 2010 and 2021, according to a June 17 report from the Congressional Budget Office. 
  • FDA approves 1st adult vaccine for bacterial pneumonia

    On June 17, Merck received FDA approval for a vaccine designed to protect adults from pneumococcus, a type of bacteria that can cause serious disease, including pneumonia. 
  • Missouri's 340B distribution law could take effect in July or August

    The Missouri State Senate passed a bill, June 14, that will forbid drugmakers from restricting the distribution of 340B drugs to contract pharmacies. The bill will either be signed by the governor by July 14, vetoed, or it will become law as of Aug. 28 without his signature, according to a June 14 senate update.
  • AstraZeneca drug regimen approved for endometrial cancer

    The FDA approved AstraZeneca's monotherapy for endometrial cancer, Imfinzi, after it was found in a study to decrease its risk of progression and death by 58% in patients who were diagnosed with advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer that is mismatch repair deficient.
  • Some drugs can increase health risks during heat waves

    As nearly 10 million people in the eastern U.S. feel a major heat wave this week, patients taking some medications have a higher risk of heat-related illnesses, The New York Times reported June 15. 
  • Sanders drops Novo Nordisk subpoena threat

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has canceled a Senate committee vote that would have determined whether to subpoena Novo Nordisk executives about the cost of the drugmaker's blockbuster drugs, Ozempic and Wegovy. The move comes as Novo Nordisk's CEO agreed to participate in a Senate committee hearing set for September. 
  • Mark Cuban: Pharma has been 'easiest industry' to disrupt

    It's unclear how much Mark Cuban can or will disrupt the pharmaceutical industry, but he told The Athletic he's in the business for the long haul.
  • Pfizer's DMD gene therapy falls short in phase 3 trial

    Pfizer's gene therapy candidate for Duchenne muscular dystrophy failed to meet its primary endpoint in a phase 3 trial, the company said June 12. 
  • At Houston Methodist, Alexa answers patients' medication questions

    When Houston Methodist installed Amazon Echo Dots in its pharmacies and patient rooms, the system halved the time it takes for orders to be signed and medications to be administered by nurses, according to Pharmacy Practice News. 
  • CVS-branded drugs recalled 2x more than Walgreens, Walmart generics

    Contaminated manufacturing may be what has led generic drugs at CVS to be recalled almost twice as often as generic drugs at Walgreens or Walmart, according to a June 10 report from Bloomberg.
  • Outdated software causing near misses in pharmacies: Report

    A workplace and well-being report has unveiled a new problem in pharmacies: outdated software and broken computer systems. 

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