• Longtime nurse administrator dies

    Deborah Grotke, MSN, RN, a longtime nurse administrator, died July 13 at age 72, The Buffalo News reported Aug. 13.
  • What's stopping your hospital from advancing innovation efforts?

    Share top opportunities + barriers in this brief survey.
  • MedExpress eliminates RN positions

    Registered nurses working at Morgantown, W.Va.-based urgent care provider MedExpress were told the company will no longer employ nurses starting Sept. 7, WSAZ reported Aug. 12.
  • 50 highest-paying nurse jobs in 2023

    Chief nurse anesthetist is the highest-paying nurse job in 2023, according to an article on Nursing Process.
  • Viewpoint: Why these are the happiest nurse positions

    Outpatient case managers and office nurses are some of the happiest in the field, according to an article written by Donna Reese, MSN, RN, and published by Nursing Process.
  • Nursing school taps VR for mass casualty training

    Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, is using virtual reality to teach nursing students how to respond during mass-casualty situations, the Standard-Examiner reported Aug. 10. 
  • 50 best work-from-home jobs for nurses

    Nursing Process found 50 work-from-home jobs for nurses with salaries that range from $60,000 to $116,000.
  • HHS to invest $100M to bolster nursing workforce, training

    More than $100 million will be invested by HHS' Health Resources and Services Administration to aid the nursing workforce shortage, officials said during an Aug. 10 press call. 
  • Where are all the med-surg nurses?

    St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare hoped to see more nurses go into medical-surgical once the COVID-19 pandemic died down and competitive pay rates for travel assignments in critical care and emergency departments stabilized. That hasn't happened. More than 70 percent of the system's agency dollars are currently being spent on nurses to work in med-surg units, Tommye Austin, PhD, RN, senior vice president and chief nursing executive at the health system, told Becker's.
  • The nursing priorities 3 hospitals have made the most progress on in 2023 — and how

    In the first half of the year, hospitals and health systems have been laser focused on efforts to bolster the nursing workforce and have been able to cut down the time it takes from extending offer letters to start dates, expand virtual nursing programs and improve vacancy rates. 
  • How 3 chief nursing officers power through daily challenges

    While juggling workforce challenges and burnout among their teams, nursing leaders remain focused on the ultimate goal: providing patient-centric experiences.
  • US nurse, child held hostage in Haiti released

    An American nurse and her child on a humanitarian mission in Haiti have been freed two weeks after they were kidnapped and held hostage. 
  • 'Nontraditional' approach needed to beef up nursing pipelines, Memorial Hermann leader says

    It's been almost four months since the National Council of State Boards of Nursing released a study that sounded alarms throughout healthcare. 
  • Viewpoint: Nurses should be running the healthcare business

    America needs more nurses — not just helping patients, but running the business of healthcare, Joel Theisen, BSN, RN, wrote in an opinion piece posted Aug. 8 on MedPage Today.
  • Optum launches nurse practitioner degree program

    Optum has partnered with online educator Capella University to launch an educational program for advanced practice nurses in an effort to address the nationwide shortage. 
  • Viewpoint: Why these are the unhappiest nursing jobs

    School nurses and hospital staff nurses are some of the unhappiest in the field due to understaffing and the pandemic, according to an article writted by Donna Reese, MSN, RN, CSN and published by Nursing Process.
  • Nurses just want to be nurses again: ANA leader

    In most cases, "just a nurse" isn't a welcomed phrase. But quite literally, today's nurses want to get back to a place where they can actually focus on being nurses and providing patient care instead of being an "organizational sponge" that absorbs what often seems like an infinite number of tasks, Katie Boston-Leary, PhD, RN, wrote in an Aug. 3 opinion piece published in nurse.org. 
  • How 1 health system gets new nurses to the bedside sooner

    Hartford (Conn.) HealthCare Central Region's student nurse advanced pipeline program provides individuals enrolled in local nursing programs with a four-part progression plan that steers them toward their first full-time hospital position after licensure.
  • Starting salaries for the 7 most common nurse specialties

    Nurse specialties range in average entry-level salary from $22,750 to $133,970, according to 2023 rankings by Nursing Process.
  • Kansas nursing school launches center for shortages of nurses, nursing leaders

    The University of Kansas School of Nursing created the Kansas Nursing Workforce Center in the hope of reversing the downward trend of nurse and nursing educator employment in the state. 
  • How 1 nursing leader is trying to reduce violence, falls in her hospital

    Lorie Rhine, MSN, RN, chief nursing officer at Raleigh, N.C.-based UNC Health Rex, has been a nurse for 41 years and although she never expected to be in leadership, she is happy she ultimately chose that path.

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