Healthcare Upside/Down Podcast Series

This podcast series is brought to you by Becker’s Healthcare and ECG Management Consultants. ECG is a leading consulting firm that has worked exclusively with healthcare organizations for more than 50 years and helps them achieve their most critical goals.

1.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Healthcare Mergers Unveiled

Join Molly Gamble in this special episode of the Becker's Healthcare & ECG Management Consultants Healthcare Upside/Down Podcast as she engages in a thought-provoking conversation with two distinguished guests - Cathy Jacobson, the President and CEO of Froedtert Health, a prominent healthcare system in Milwaukee, and Dr. Tim Babineau, Principal at ECG Management Consultants.

2.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Leading a Diverse Health System - with Adventist Health CEO and ECG Management Consultants

Join us for an engaging episode of the Becker's Healthcare Podcast featuring thought leaders Kerry Heinrich, President & CEO of Adventist Health, Kevin P. Forster, Principal at ECG Management Consultants, and Molly Gamble, Vice President of Editorial & Editor-in-Chief at Becker's Hospital Review. In this episode, we delve into the complex world of leading a diverse health system while striking a balance between urban and rural healthcare delivery. Our experts will explore the challenges and strategies involved in serving diverse populations and markets while maintaining consistent patient care experiences. Tune in as we discuss topics such as service line rationalization, clinical coordination, and the crucial role of physician enterprise recruitment, retention, and productivity across disparate healthcare landscapes.

3.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Strategic Metrics and Autonomy: Navigating the New Era of Healthcare Integration with CFO Nick Barcellona and ECG Partners Dan Harrison and Malita Scott 

Join Molly Gamble, along with Nick Barcellona, CFO at WVU Medicine, Dan Harrison, partner with ECG, and Malita Scott, partner with ECG, as they explore the upsides and downsides of healthcare and the industry's current trends. In this episode, the focus is on Physician Enterprise Return on Investments, diving into the evolving dynamics of hospital-physician relationships. Nick shares insights from WVU Medicine's perspective, emphasizing the shift towards value-based contracting and the impact on margins. The conversation explores the challenges health systems face in extracting value from physician enterprises and the importance of strategic alignment, transparency, and metrics beyond financials. Tune in to gain valuable perspectives on navigating the changing landscape of healthcare partnerships and optimizing physician enterprise performance.

4.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Navigating Healthcare Excellence: A Deep Dive with Dr. Mark Chassin and Dr. Timothy Babineau on Quality, Safety, and Industry Progress

Dive into the intricacies of the healthcare quality and safety movement in this enlightening podcast featuring esteemed guests, Dr. Mark Chassin, President Emeritus of The Joint Commission, and Dr. Timothy Babineau, Principal Academic Healthcare at ECG Management Consultants. Join the conversation as they explore the origins, progress, and challenges of the quality and safety movement in healthcare, shedding light on transformative wins and the industry's struggles in adopting aviation-inspired safety practices. The discussion delves into the role of leadership and governing boards, assessing the impact of publicly reported rating agencies on healthcare quality. As the conversation unfolds, the speakers share insights on the pandemic's influence on healthcare systems' focus on quality and safety, navigating labor shortages, and addressing hospital margin pressures. Don't miss this engaging dialogue that offers a comprehensive view of the healthcare landscape's ongoing pursuit of excellence.

 5.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Private Equity, Partnerships, and the Future of Service Delivery

Join Scott Becker in a dynamic discussion with industry experts Katie Fellin, Jared Langus, Scott Nordlund, and Justin Ishbia as they delve into the complexities of private equity in healthcare. From exploring the landscape and investment trends to examining the impact on health systems, the panel addresses critical questions. Gain insights into the evolving partnerships between private equity firms and health systems, the role of disruptive forces, and expert advice for leaders navigating the intricate intersections of healthcare and investment.

6.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Navigating the Future: Strategies for Academic Healthcare Success

In this episode, join Molly Gamble from Becker's Healthcare as she discusses key trends and priorities in academic healthcare with industry leaders Cristy Page, Pradeep Kadambi, and Leah Gassett. Explore topics such as navigating market dynamics, addressing workforce challenges, and the role of academic health systems in tackling national healthcare spending.

7.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Futureproofing Children's Health Systems: Strategies for Success

In this episode, Molly Gamble from Becker's Healthcare leads a conversation on the evolving landscape of children's health systems with Peggy Troy, President and CEO of Children’s Wisconsin, and Dr. Jeff Sperring, CEO of Seattle Children’s Hospital. Joined by Evan Lynch-Throne, Principal at ECG Management Consultants, the discussion explores the impact of industry consolidation, strategies for addressing pediatric mental health challenges, and innovative approaches to improving care access and equity.

8.) Healthcare Upside/Down: The Changing Dynamics of Physician Compensation

Discover the intricacies of physician compensation with Molly Gamble on Healthcare Upside/Down, a podcast series by Becker’s Healthcare + ECG Management Consultants. Join industry experts Stuart Baugher and Jamaal Campbell as they explore trends, common models, and strategies for simplification in healthcare finance. Gain valuable insights into navigating the complexities of physician compensation and learn how effective administration can shape compensation plans.

9.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Decoding Hospital Margins

Join Molly Gamble for Healthcare Upside/Down, a Becker’s Healthcare + ECG Management Consultants podcast, as she discusses the fluctuations in hospital margins and the impact on the future of value-based care with Terri Welter and Dr. Paul Casey from Rush University Medical Center. Delve into provider-payer partnerships, key strategies for success, and priorities for health system and payer leaders in the coming year.

10.) Healthcare Upside Down: Insights and Opportunities for the New Era of Healthcare

Join Molly Gamble at Soldier Field for a special episode of Healthcare Upside/Down, where she sits down with Andy Bachrodt and David Willis from ECG Management Consultants. They discuss the "A New Era for Healthcare: Insights and Opportunities for 2024" project, offering a sneak peek into 10 pivotal trends reshaping the industry. Tune in for expert insights and analysis on the future of healthcare.

11.) Healthcare Upside/Down: Navigating Workforce Shortages and Evolving Care Models

Join us as Kathleen Silard, CEO of Stamford Health, and John Budd, Partner at ECG Management Consultants, delve into the pressing issue of workforce shortages in healthcare. Discover innovative solutions and evolving care delivery models that are shaping the future of health systems. Learn key strategies for healthcare leaders to thrive and improve operational performance in today's challenging environment.

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