Where 3 HAIs have risen most since 2019: Leapfrog 

Some states saw "alarming" and "dangerous" increases in three specific healthcare-acquired infections, according to Leah Binder, president and CEO of The Leapfrog Group. The organization's spring 2023 Safety Grades report was released May 3.

While the rates of infection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, central line-associated bloodstream infections and catheter-associated urinary tract infections surged to a five-year high across the board, Ms. Binder told Becker's, the "dramatic" triple-digit percentage increases of these three infections in many states "alarmed" her team.

"We had some early evidence that infection rates were going up during the pandemic," Ms. Binder said. "But we were surprised at the extent of the increase, at how dramatically these rates went up. We've never seen increases like these."

Across the country, rates of CLABSI rose by 60 percent between 2018 to 2019 (prior to the pandemic) compared to the recently released 2023 report, which is based on data from 2021 to 2022. MRSA rates increased by 37 percent and CAUTI rates increased by 19 percent during the same time period.

"These are dangerous levels of increase. It was alarming to see these numbers," she said. These statistics "show us there are dangerous problems in hospitals that need to be addressed right away."

Top six states where each of three HAIs increased the most:


  1. West Virginia, CLABSI increased by 188.28 percent
  2. New Mexico, CLABSI increased by 180.69 percent
  3. Oklahoma, CLABSI increased by 155.46 percent
  4. Washington, CLABSI increased by 152.90 percent
  5. Arizona, CLABSI increased by 143.31 percent
  6. Kentucky, CLABSI increased by 98.54 percent


  1. West Virginia, MRSA increased by 140.12 percent
  2. Arizona, MRSA increased by 114.25 percent
  3. Iowa, MRSA increased by 106.19 percent
  4. Mississippi, MRSA increased by 100.39 percent
  5. North Carolina, MRSA increased by 89.19 percent
  6. Oklahoma, MRSA increased by 84.16 percent


  1. New Mexico, CAUTI increased by 84.78 percent
  2. Massachusetts, CAUTI increased by 47.32 percent
  3. Pennsylvania, CAUTI increased by 46.75 percent
  4. Arizona, CAUTI increased by 44.59 percent
  5. Indiana, CAUTI increased by 43.32 percent
  6. Washington, CAUTI increased by 40.23 percent

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