Why Due Diligence is Important when Evaluating Patient Engagement Solutions

It took a pandemic to motivate healthcare practices to accelerate the adoption of new technologies that improve and modernize the patient experience.

During the height of Covid, providing a different, safer experience for patients throughout the care continuum became a necessity. As such, a positive outcome of the health crisis was the speed tracking of innovations such as telehealth and contactless patient-intake. That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that many, new, contactless patient-intake solutions were hastily delivered to the market on the heels of that initial outbreak. Solutions started showing up everywhere, as point of care hardware and software companies rushed to get a remote solution into the hands of hospitals and practices. Developed as quick fixes, most of these platforms were never appropriately tested or vetted Consequently, for the many healthcare organizations that needed to provide virtual solutions to patients, these intake solutions did not ultimately meet the expectations of the patients or the healthcare organizations.

Why did this happen? In the rush to market, vendors often failed to account for the complete set of service barriers patients typically face. They didn’t allow healthcare organizations to fully customize the software to match their specific needs. Worse, many solutions failed to integrate fully or seamlessly with standard Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors practices rely on. This ultimately delivered a less than ideal patient and staff experience.  And it’s important to note that the pandemic did nothing to hinder the growing patient demand for a great consumer experience.

The cost of implementing a patient intake solution that fails to deliver great patient and staff experiences can be very pricey.  In an age of increasing patient consumerism, delivering a less than optimal expedience to patients has a far-reaching, negative impact on the healthcare organization.

With a more comprehensive and fully developed solution, better outcomes can be achieved. As an example, after implementing Yosi’s comprehensive patient intake platform, Innovative Express Care, a group of medical practices in Chicago. was able to cut their waiting room times by 50% as a result of an outstanding 90% patient pre-arrival check-in rate.

Better yet, various practices reported patients were requesting services similar to what Yosi offers to medical practices – a frictionless engagement system that is easy and effective to use.

For instance, 70% of a healthcare office’s phone burden is taken up by patient appointment management and the typical initial scheduling phone call lasts about 8-minutes, followed up by appointment reminders, rescheduling call, cancellations etc. That’s a lot of time that could be better utilized on other administrative functions, not the least of which is patient care.

From its inception in 2015 Yosi Health’s mission has been to successfully deliver a remote, pre-arrival services with its focus on maximum patient engagement.  We leverage the flexibility of the platform to drive patient adoption and to meet the complex needs of medical practices. Being mobile from the start, has allowed us to deliver delightful, contemporary patient experience and it will continue to get even better as mobile technology evolves.

For obtaining the best digital registration/engagement platform it’s important to know if the platform is built around remote engagement from its beginning or if it’s a post pandemic ancillary solution quickly put together on a legacy platform. You need to evaluate how the solution enhances the patient experience and will it be able to grow as your practice and the expectations of your patients grow.

Find out how Yosi Health, the original, safe, remote, pre-arrival, patient registration/intake platform can deliver better patient outcomes for your organization.  Yosi delivers a superlative patient and staff experience while increasing your bottom line.

Hari Prasad is the CEO and Co-Founder of Yosi Health, an industry-leading, cloud-based mobile patient intake, registration, and engagement platform.

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