8 likely next in-demand nursing roles, per Tampa General's chief nurse

Healthcare is transforming, and so is the nursing profession.

Technology can support clinical teams and provide more data on patients than ever before. Nurses also have the opportunity to see patients virtually now, and many health systems are launching hospital-at-home programs, breathing new life into healthcare delivery.

The human element of care delivery is also more important than ever, as patients seek a connection with their caregivers and partners in navigating the healthcare system.

"In the next two to three years, the nursing team may require new roles and skills to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape," said Wendi Goodson-Celerin, DNP, APRN, senior vice president and chief nursing executive at Tampa (Fla.) General Hospital.

Dr. Goodson-Celerin outlined potential roles and skills that may be in demand over the next two to three years:

1. Telehealth nurse: "With the increasing use of telemedicine, nurses who are proficient in providing remote patient care, conducting virtual assessments, and managing telehealth technologies will be valuable," she said.

2. Data analyst nurse: "The ability to analyze and interpret healthcare data will become crucial. Nurses who can extract insights from patient records, identify trends, and contribute to evidence-based practice will be sought after," she said.

3. Nurse informaticist: "As healthcare systems become more digitized, nurses with expertise in healthcare information technology, electronic health records, and data management will be needed to optimize the use of technology in patient care," she said.

4. Health coach: "Nurses who can provide guidance and support to patients in managing chronic conditions, promoting healthy lifestyles, and facilitating self-care will play a vital role in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs," she said.

5. Patient navigator: "With the increasing complexity of healthcare systems, nurses who can help patients navigate through the healthcare continuum, coordinate care, and access resources will be essential in ensuring seamless and patient-centered care," she said.

6. Cultural competence specialist: "As healthcare becomes more diverse, nurses who are culturally competent and can provide culturally sensitive care to patients from different backgrounds will be in demand," she said.

7. Interprofessional collaborator: "The ability to work effectively in interdisciplinary teams will be crucial. Nurses who can collaborate with other healthcare professionals, communicate effectively, and contribute to team-based decision-making will be highly valued," she said.

8. Lifelong learner: "Continuous professional development and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in nursing practice, technology, and research will be vital for nurses to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape," she said.

"These are just a few potential roles and skills that may be in demand in nursing over the next two to three years," Dr. Goodson-Celerin said. "Our specific needs may vary depending on the healthcare system's growth and needs, patient population, and advancements in healthcare technology."

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