1. How overcoming the imposter syndrome decreases physician burnout

    Jennifer sat in our coaching session looking worn down and depleted. Her shoulders were slumped as she told me that she wasn't as smart as her peers, as strong a leader, or as good at articulating her ideas. A surgery leader, she was sure that she was an imposter.
  2. Panic buttons and security dogs: How California hospitals combat workplace violence

    Violence against healthcare workers takes place at organizations across the U.S. In California, some sites use panic buttons, metal detectors, security dogs and other measures to reduce such incidents, a California Hospital Association representative told California Healthline.
  3. A timeline of the Outcome Health fraud scheme and fallout

    Outcome Health's co-founders and several other former employees are currently facing felony charges of fraud in federal court, stemming from an FBI investigation into the healthcare technology startup's financial activity from 2014 to 2017.

Strategic Outsourcing by the Numbers - Three Ways Physician Groups Can Benefit from a Revenue Cycle Partner

Physician groups across the country are challenged to lower costs while driving practice growth and improving care quality, however this can be difficult as operational resources are stretched by competing demands.
  1. Partners HealthCare's annual revenue climbs to $14B

    Boston-based Partners HealthCare saw its revenue and operating income rise in fiscal year 2019, according to financial documents released Dec. 6.

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