Why some frustrated employees are 'rage applying'

A number of fad terms have gained traction in recent years to describe workplace trends, such as "grumpy staying," "quiet quitting" and "bare minimum Mondays." Members of Generation Z in entry-level jobs have often coined these phrases in reaction to increased dissatisfaction at work. Some employees are also expressing their dissatisfaction by "rage applying."

The term "rage applying" debuted on TikTok and describes workers who emotionally apply to numerous jobs at once, primarily due to dissatisfaction with their current job, according to William Vanderbloemen, CEO of Vanderbloemen Search Group. 

An article published on topresume.com, written by Ken Chase, states that those who rage apply "tend to be more focused on trying to avenge perceived wrongs than locating a better job and work environment. These employees become so disenchanted that they submit a flurry of applications and resumes to multiple employers, often without any serious research into whether those jobs are a good fit for their employment needs."

In an article published by Fast Company, Mr. Vanderbloemen warns that people can make mistakes when rage applying. He recommends workers make career decisions with a clear mind, take steps to ensure they leave their current job on good terms, and leave their current job when they are confident about where they want to go next.

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