• AHA on healthcare workforce shortages: 'Where do we go from here?'

    The American Hospital Association is calling on Congress to take action toward addressing workforce challenges that have become "a national emergency."
  • Why Parkview Health centralized locum tenens hiring

    When Angela Pulcini stepped into the role of Director of Provider Services for Parkview Health, she knew locum tenens hiring was a priority she wanted to focus on.
  • The gap in Gen Z's college education

    When Gen Zers attend their college classes, their minds are often elsewhere, Fortune reported Feb. 16. 
  • 6 reasons people quiet quit — and 6 reasons they don't

    It's been about six months since the phrase "quiet quitting" began gaining traction on social media, and researchers are still learning the phenomenon's ins and outs. 
  • 7 strategies to solve staff shortages in the dental industry

    Dentistry's staffing problem isn't vanishing any time soon. Learn how your DSO can do more with less staff using these 7 strategies.
  • 4 ways hospitals, health systems are upskilling their workforce

    Hospitals and health systems are investing in upskilling their workforce, with initiatives ranging from investment in clinical certifications to a nursing scholars program.
  • AdventHealth leans into virtual nursing

    Reducing workload for bedside nurses can play a crucial role in retaining these workers and ensuring they are able to provide optimum patient care. That is the premise of AdventHealth adding virtual nurses at its hospitals.  
  • The latest talked-about workplace trend: 'Bare minimum Mondays'

    The term "quiet quitting" — referring to a phenomenon in which employees reduce their enthusiasm at work and stick to the minimum expectations of their role — gained traction on social media and in the news in recent months. Now, there is a new workplace trend becoming popular: "bare minimum Mondays," Fortune reported Feb. 13. 
  • Half of Washington nurses likely to leave healthcare

    Forty-nine percent of nurses in Washington state said they are likely to leave healthcare in the next few years, according to a recent poll. 
  • Healthcare worker vaccine mandate still in effect, New York governor says

    Healthcare workers in New York must still be vaccinated against COVID-19, even as the state allows its mask mandate for hospitals and healthcare facilities to lapse, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Feb. 13, according to Spectrum News 1.
  • Nurse staffing mandates begin journey through state legislatures

    Five states have recently proposed staffing ratios, which would limit the number of patients a nurse could be assigned at once. The battle to pass those measures will likely be uphill. 
  • Kansas hospital to lay off 85

    Hutchinson (Kan.) Regional Medical Center plans to lay off 85 employees, a move tied to challenges in today's healthcare environment. 
  • Tenet's contract labor expenses dropped 23% in 4 months

    Dallas-based Tenet Health reported contract labor expenses peaked last September, and then the company lowered expenses by almost 23 percent by December, CEO Saum Sutaria, MD, said during the earnings call Feb. 9, as reported by Yahoo Finance.
  • Women rebounding into labor force at higher rates than men

    After losing 2 million more jobs than men in the first months of the pandemic, women are rejoining the labor force at higher rates than their male counterparts, The Washington Post reported Feb. 12. 
  • Some Gen Zers hope they get laid off: Here's why

    Younger generations aren't lamenting layoffs, Bloomberg reported Feb. 8. 
  • Hospitals lead fresh hiring boom

    The current state of the workforce is tough to piece together based on headlines alone. Hiring is allegedly up — which seems counterintuitive as inflation rises, consumers rein in spending and high-profile tech layoffs dominate the news. 
  • Providence to hire 2,000 more tech employees in India

    Renton, Wash.-based Providence plans to triple its number of employees in Hyderabad, India, a major technology hub, according to local newspaper The Siasat Daily.
  • Idaho's St. Luke's to reduce workforce by 2%, eliminates executive positions

    Citing a challenging financial and operating environment, Boise, Idaho-based St. Luke's Health System said it is reducing its more than 16,000-member workforce by about 2 percent. 
  • New York hospitals in limbo as vaccine litigation winds through the courts

    New York hospital executives are in a wait-and-see mode over the state's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers after a state Supreme Court judge struck it down.
  • What the nursing degree scheme means for staffing shortages

    Staffing shortages are already top of mind for hospital and health system leaders. Now, a nursing degree scheme adds a new layer to the issue, Dani Bowie, DNP, RN, who has expertise related to staffing models, told Becker's.
  • Is Gen Z's lack of job loyalty a myth?

    Generation Z has been deemed noncommittal when it comes to their careers, charged with leading the "Great Resignation" and "quietly quitting" rather than shooting for promotion. However, recent data from the Employee Benefit Research Institute suggests those attributions are unfair, according to Fortune. 
  • 'JoinMdHealth' looks to fill Maryland's hospital jobs

    Maryland's 60 hospitals and health systems have launched a digital marketing campaign to fill healthcare jobs.

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