National Academy of Medicine: 7 priorities to improve health workers' well-being

The National Academy of Medicine recently released a "National Plan for Health Workforce Well-Being," urging health systems and the U.S. government toward "collective action" to fight burnout. 

The plan identifies seven priority areas that intend to "enable a sustained state of well-being" for healthcare workers. A chapter was dedicated to each priority area, identifying the "actors" who can enforce change in that sector, the goals they should work toward and the actions they might take to achieve them. 


The seven priority areas, per the academy: 

1. Create and sustain positive work and learning environments and culture.

2. Invest in measurement, assessment, strategies and research.

3. Support mental health and reduce stigma.

4. Address compliance, regulatory and policy barriers for daily work.

5. Engage effective technology tools.

6. Institutionalize well-being as a long-term value.

7. Recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive health workforce.


Read the full report here

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