TESS: How HHS’ Technology Enabled Support Services are Transforming Healthcare

Hospital leaders are exploring innovative strategies to reduce their overall operating costs in the current landscape of rising labor expenses and inflation.

In a recent study centered around these rising costs, U.S. Bank surveyed 200 healthcare finance professionals, revealing a noteworthy trend: nearly half (47%) were inclined to allocate funds towards technology advancements, while 31% aimed to explore additional outsourcing initiatives to mitigate costs.

The intersection of technology and outsourcing presents a unique opportunity. How can these two strategies be implemented together to achieve optimal results?

Introducing Technology Enabled Support Services

HHS, a leader in support service solutions, recently launched TESS (Technology Enabled Support Services), a groundbreaking suite of technology tools designed to empower service teams, including management and front-line staff, to excel in their roles.

TESS generates efficiencies in labor and supplies by incorporating business intelligence and advanced reporting tools. This forms the backbone of HHS' approach to continuous performance improvement. By harnessing the power of operational and financial data, TESS enables support teams to operate with fewer resources and adapt their strategies in real time, ensuring they are always at the forefront of service excellence.

Core Components of TESS

TESS is divided into three categories: operational enablers, quality assurance, and reporting and analytics. By integrating these components, teams deliver unparalleled service excellence driven by data and efficiency.

Operational Enablers

TESS integrates technologies like intelligent automation (micro markets, crowdsourcing technology, digital checklists, and more) and autonomous robotics (floor-cleaning machines, UV disinfection equipment, etc.) into the facility support service space. With these enablers, TESS drives a meticulous approach to every facet of operations, guaranteeing that each action meets expectations without imposing additional administrative burdens or increased labor resources. As a result, operational teams have more time to build connections with patients, hospital staff, and customers, leading to increased satisfaction and overall experience levels.

Quality Assurance

TESS transforms quality assurance by integrating advanced technology with compliance metrics to deliver daily, in-depth insights into operational and financial performance. Advanced algorithms assess and validate the quality of daily services, tracking performance across departments, individuals, and facilities. These insights provide a continuous feedback loop, empowering operational leaders to refine processes, proactively address challenges, and elevate the level of service provided.

Reporting and Analytics

Beyond improving operations, TESS also redefines the customer and vendor relationship. TESS creates a transparent environment that fosters trust and collaboration by offering customers comprehensive access to intuitive dashboards and real-time metrics. This transparency builds confidence between both parties and aligns goals and expectations, creating a path for more successful outcomes.

What Does TESS Mean for the Healthcare Industry?

The introduction of TESS is more than just the launch of a new product; it represents a shift in mindset. It allows healthcare leaders to optimize resources and achieve exceptional outcomes, paving the way for a future of:

  • Enhanced focus on core business objectives.
  • Significant cost reductions through improved resource allocation.
  • Increased employee productivity and seamless service delivery.
  • Valuable insights for facilities to unlock their full potential.
  • Improved patient and customer satisfaction.

TESS is a profound commitment – a pledge of exceptional service, operational excellence, and a collaborative partnership driven by innovation.

HHS remains at the forefront of industry transformation, fostering positive change, building trust and reliability, and ensuring its customers stay one step ahead.

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