Sam Reynolds, Senior Director of Strategy and Transactions, Healthcare at EY-Parthenon

This episode features Sam Reynolds, Senior Director of Strategy and Transactions, Healthcare at EY-Parthenon. Here, he discusses the continued challenges surrounding provider shortages, using the education system, including community colleges to recruit, partnerships that are market specific, and more.


Sam Reynolds Discusses Addressing Provider Shortages in Healthcare

Sam Reynolds, Senior Director of Strategy and Transactions in Healthcare at EY-Parthenon, sheds light on the ongoing issues regarding provider shortages and clinician burnout. He believes that the payment system encourages physicians to work in a production line manner, which ultimately leads to burnout. To combat this issue, he suggests transitioning to value-based care but adds that more needs to be done to increase recruitment and make the medical profession more attractive to aspiring healthcare professionals.

Creative Solutions to Provider Shortages

According to Reynolds, the healthcare industry needs to focus on two areas to address labor shortages effectively. Firstly, leveraging community colleges to recruit more people into nursing and secondly, building payer-driven relationships between providers and payers to deliver value-based care assets. Reynolds believes that local payers are more invested in their communities and can help create a better delivery system.

Local Markets and Health Equity

Reynolds emphasizes that healthcare is a local market and takes time to develop the relationships needed for success. He adds that health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Providers have a role to play in coordinating government, payers, and physicians to provide necessary services. Reynolds also suggests that big corporate health may not always be successful due to the lack of margins found in healthcare compared to other industries.

Partnering with Consumer Technology Companies

Reynolds supports the idea of health systems partnering with consumer technology companies such as Amazon, instead of competing with them. He believes that this way, both parties can benefit from each other's strengths and create a more effective ecosystem.


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This episode aired on 09/11/2022 and can be listened here.


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