Dr. Jason Auerbach, Founder of Riverside Oral Surgery

Dr. Jason Auerbach, Founder of Riverside Oral Surgery joins the podcast to discuss his background & what led him to start his own practice, his focus on patient experience, current excitement and nerves, and much more.


Dr. Jason Auerbach: Founder of Riverside Oral Surgery

A background in dentistry and a passion for patient experience

Dr. Jason Auerbach, founder of Riverside Oral Surgery, joins the podcast to discuss his background and what led him to start his own practice. With years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Auerbach is committed to providing superior patient experiences and elevating the standards of oral healthcare.

The biggest issues in dental today and the potential for change

Having witnessed the negative association with corporate dentistry, Dr. Auerbach believes that it is possible to change the perception if the right people get involved. He recognizes the need for effective healthcare leaders who are excellent communicators and have a unique vision that sets them apart. By prioritizing patient experience and delivering high-quality care, these leaders can make a significant impact on the dental industry.

A focus on improving healthcare communication

Dr. Auerbach emphasizes the importance of communication in healthcare. As an oral surgeon, he understands that clear and efficient communication is key to successful patient outcomes. By fostering open lines of communication with patients, colleagues, and staff, Dr. Auerbach aims to create a collaborative environment that promotes optimal care and patient satisfaction.

Excitement, nerves, and a commitment to excellence

Despite the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting a new practice, Dr. Auerbach is filled with excitement for the future. With a strong passion for his work and a dedication to providing the best possible care, he is ready to take on the journey ahead and make a positive impact on the field of oral surgery.


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This episode aired on 05/29/2023 and can be listened here.


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