30 OTC health products recommended by pharmacists

In U.S. News' newest over-the-counter medicine and health products ranking, the news organization collaborated with The Harris Poll to determine what 350 pharmacists recommend among more than 700 products. 

Here are 30 No. 1 products, according to pharmacists: 

1. Antacids: Tums

2. Antibacterial soaps: Hibiclens

3. Antihistamines for allergies: Zyrtec 

4. Arthritis pain reliever: Aleve

5. Aspirin for heart health: Bayer Aspirin

6. Bandages, covers and gauze: BAND-AID

7. Blood pressure monitors: Omron

8. Cholesterol management: Nature Made Fish Oil

9. Cold remedies: Emergen-C

10. Cough suppressants: Delsym

11. Diabetic foot cream: Gold Bond Ultimate

12. Ear pain relief: Polysporin Plus Pain Relief

13. Expectorants: Mucinex

14. Flu medicines: Theraflu

15. Hand sanitizer: Purell

16. Headache relief: Advil

17. Immune system support: Emergen-C

18. Lactose intolerance products: Lactaid 

19. Migraine relief: Excedrin Migraine

20. Nausea remedies: Dramamine Nausea

21. Oral decongestants: Sudafed (pseudoephedrine)

22. Pregnancy testing: First Response

23. Proton pump inhibitors: Prilosec OTC

24. Scar treatments: Mederma

25. Sleep aids: Unisom

26. Sore throat products: Cepacol

27. Upset stomach remedies: Pepto-Bismol

28. Urinary pain relief: Azo

29. Yeast infection prevention and relief: Monistat 

30. Zinc cold remedies: Zicam

Find the full list here.

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