275+ telehealth companies to know | 2019

Telehealth is an evolving concept in healthcare delivery.

Hospitals and health systems across the country have developed telehealth strategies to connect with patients in remote locations. They also provide patients close by with a convenient way to conduct follow-up visits and low-acuity consultations from their home or workplace.

Beyond connecting with patients, hospitals and health systems use telemedicine applications between clinicians to connect with specialists when working on complex cases or needing additional expertise and support.

According to the American Hospital Association, 76 percent of hospitals in the U.S. connect with telehealth services. Here are more than 275 telehealth companies to know.

1-800MD (Charlotte, N.C.). 1.800MD offers businesses and individuals around-the-clock access to telehealth solutions throughout the United States.

19 Labs (Menlo Park, Calif.). 19 Labs telehealth provides on-call video conferencing, remote diagnostic readings, hands-free voice commands for navigation requests and the ability to preprogram numbers and then call by pressing a button.

98point6 (Seattle). 98point6 is an app that provides virtual primary care visits for a flat fee and offers private text-based diagnoses and treatments. The app is designed with 18- to 24-year-olds in mind.

20/20NOW (San Francisco). 20/20NOW is the inventor and leader of Ocular Telehealth.The company provides comprehensive eye exam and eye health screenings via telehealth. It partnered with General Vision Services in 2018 to create a mobile eye center featuring ocular telehealth.

3Derm (Boston). 3Derm is a patent-pending imaging system that takes pictures of a person's skin and delivers three views to a dermatologist for virtual visits.

A&D Medical (Orlando, Fla.). A&D Medical manufactures blood pressure monitors and home health products such as weight scales.

Advanced ICU Care (St. Louis). Advanced ICU Care is a tele-ICU provider that has implemented and managed tele-ICU programs in partnership with hospitals across the country.

Advanced TeleHealth Solutions (Springfield, Mo.). Advanced TeleHealth Solutions' team provides monitoring services and clinical e-health backend infrastructure for businesses implementing telehealth solutions.

AEMtec GmbH (Berlin, Germany). AEMtec GmbH is a business-to-business enterprise focused on technologies for sophisticated electronic applications and contributing expertise to implant, imaging system and mobile diagnostics applications.

AFC Industries (College Point, N.Y.). AFC Industries creates workspaces to increase productivity and alleviate physical stress in the workplace with a focus on clinical space including the radiology pro-workstation.

AGNITY (Fremont, Calif.). AGNITY MobileCare TeleConsult™ provides the platform to connect clinicians and patients in real time via secured audio, video and text channels for better care and collaboration.

Aligned Telehealth (Calabasas, Calif.). Aligned Telehealth offers both telehealth and facility-based behavioral healthcare staffing programs. The company partnered with American Well in December 2018 to expand its capabilities.

AMC Health (New York, N.Y.). For over 16 years, AMC Health has provided clinically proven, successful telehealth and real-time virtual care solutions. Its FDA Class II cleared platform, end-to-end services and clinically proven solutions enable healthcare organizations to securely extend ‎their services beyond the hospital and ambulatory clinic settings.

AMD Global Telemedicine (Chelmsford, Mass.). AMD Global Telemedicine developed the Telemedicine Encounter Management Solution, a platform used in 98 countries to enable patients to connect with clinicians remotely. In April 2018, the company developed a new direct-to-consumer telehealth platform.

American Well (Boston). American Well offers health plans, employers and healthcare providers web and mobile services to connect patients and physicians via live video. In February 2017, the company partnered with Samsung Electronics America and Anthem to improve telehealth service access.

Answer Health On Demand (Grand Rapids, Mich.). Answer Health On Demand is a multispecialty telemedicine collaborative offering an online environment where independent providers can coordinate patient care across disparate practices and systems.

Applied Perceptions (Simi Valley, Calif.). Applied Perceptions provides outsourced customer service solutions, offering clients a full-service call center, email and chat.

Arcadian Telepsychiatry. (Fort Washington, Pa.). Arcadian Telepsychiatry provides on-demand telemedicine to expedite assessments, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients in several settings, including rural communities, correctional facilities and long-term care.

Arizona Telemedicine Program (Tucson). Part of the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, ATC provides telemedicine services in communities throughout the state and distance learning opportunities.

Arkansas e-Link (Little Rock, Ark.). Arkansas e-Link is a statewide HIPAA-compliant telemedicine network that partners with over 500 healthcare, higher education, public safety and research facilities in unserved, underserved, and economically distressed areas in Arkansas.

Assured Independence (Seattle). Assured Independence provides turnkey technologies in remote patient monitoring for managing chronic disease; medication management and buttons for stability and wandering.

Avera eCARE (Sioux Falls, S.D.). Avera eCARE supports physicians by offering patients access to a network of providers focused on virtual healthcare monitoring and remote medical services via videoconferencing technology.

Axs Healthcare (Redlands, Calif.). Axs Healthcare is a digital patient engagement and asynchronous telemedicine platform specializing in orthopedic and multispecialty surgical practices.

Azalea Health (Atlanta). Azalea Health is a cloud-based EHR and revenue cycle management services solution with telehealth functionality integrated into its medical record system, patient portal, mobile apps and billing software.

Azova (Alpine, Utah). Azova is a software-as-a-service company. It offers services including telehealth clinics, secure messaging, online scheduling, population health, e-commerce and digital concierge services.

BAC Telemed (Wesley Chapel, Fla.). BAC Telemed provides national and international HIPAA-secure telemedicine, back-office support and real-time assistance for physicians.

Beam (Palo Alto, Calif.). Beam combines natural mobility and cloud-based video conferencing through its Beam app.

Bernoulli (Milford, Conn.). Bernoulli creates software and hardware designed to accelerate the flow of real-time medical device data to providers, which includes patient safety surveillance and virtual ICU solutions. It was acquired by Capsule Technologies in April.

Bewell Connect (Boston). Bewell Connect's platform, the U.S. subsidiary of French firm Visiomed Group, collects data from an individual's connected health devices and provides access to additional health management services.

Biometric Signature ID (Dallas). Biometric Signature ID is a leading developer of biometric ID verification software solutions using multifactor authentication.

Bio-Nexus (Netanya, Israel). Established in 2010, Bio-Nexus' telemedicine solution serves the military and civilian sectors. The mobile workflow platform provides end-to-end cross-platform solutions for interactive and dynamic digital medical treatment protocols and records.

Blue Cirrus Consulting (Greenville, S.C.). The Blue Cirrus telehealth team partners with healthcare organizations across the U.S. to assist with strategy and business planning, staffing, technology acquisition and initiative implementation.

Blue Sky Telehealth (Greenwood Village, Colo.). Blue Sky Telehealth provides emergency and routine consultations to improve access to specialized care. It provides cost-effective services for hospitals seeking immediate access to board-certified physicians.

Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies (Port Saint Lucie, Fla.). The Bongiovi Medical Digital Power Station can effectively address the audio issues common in telemedicine solutions, resulting in a superior experience with improved voice communication and auscultation.

Braster (Warsaw, Poland). The Braster Device uses a breakthrough method of applying liquid crystals in breast cancer screening to enable women to perform breast self-examinations at home.

Bright.md (Portland, Ore.). Bright.md's SmartExam™, a virtual physician's assistant automates care and communication between physician and patient for faster, more convenient diagnosis and treatment eliminating up to 90 percent of provider time spent on low-acuity conditions.

Brother OmniJoin Group (Bridgewater, N.J.). Brother OmniJoin Group provides a secure cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solution to connect clinicians and healthcare organizations with a broader remote patient base.

Cactus Aero (Scottsdale, Ariz.). Cactus Aero's primary focus is the development of Connected Aircraft communication systems solutions, which assist clients in marketing and/or developing sophisticated on-board and air-to-ground communication solutions, including low bandwidth video conferencing and telemedicine.

Canfield Scientific (Parsippany, N.J.). Canfield Scientific is a global producer of imaging systems, services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications.

Canon USA (Melville, N.Y.). Canon USA's eye screening technology is an intuitive software solution providers use to perform retinal screenings and then quickly transmit the images to physicians in any location for diagnostic purposes.

Captureproof (San Francisco). Captureproof empowers patients and healthcare providers to communicate visual information through photos and videos securely, from anywhere at any time.

Care Innovations (Roseville, Calif.). Care Innovations connects patients to their care teams through technology solutions and also collects, aggregates and analyzes data to provide clinicians actionable insights.

Cardinal Health (Dublin, Ohio). As a large provider of telepharmacy services, Cardinal Health Remote Pharmacy Services provides remote medication order processing and review; delivers 24x7 clinical interventions and medication consultations; and elevates patient safety and enables hospitals to comply with pharmacy board and accreditation standards, through an affordable solution.

CareClix (Wasington, D.C.). Founded in 2006, CareClix provides software and services for telemedicine applications. The company developed a suite of telemedicine technologies for hospitals and clinicians to interact with patients and caregivers, and is currently used by Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Medicine, Aetna, Verizon and more.

CarePICS (Raleigh, N.C.). CarePICS has a remote clinical imagery system providers use to store, post and share information in real time. The technology's wound measure feature automatically calculates a wound's surface area, length and width.

CareSkore (Mountain View, Calif.). CareSkore offers personalized population management solutions for risk stratification, patient engagement and chronic care management.

Certified Languages International (Portland, Ore.). Certified Languages International has telephone interpretive services, on-demand video remote interpreting and documentation translation services, providing access to interpreters of more than 200 languages.

ChARM Health (Pleasanton, Calif.). ChARM Health's platform includes EHR, practice management, revenue cycle management, telehealth and mobile health applications. The company's telehealth platform supports virtual patient visits.

Chetu (Plantation, Fla.). Chetu works with healthcare organizations to ensure their software is compliant with regulatory standards. It offers a host of software development solutions for practice management, health information exchange, EHRs and more.

Children's Health (Dallas). Children's Health's school-based telehealth program provides in-school virtual health consultations for nurses through mobile telehealth carts.

Chiron Health (Austin, Texas). Chiron Health offers technological solutions to improve patient satisfaction, streamline reimbursement and enhance practice efficiency. The company was acquired by Medici in January.

CirrusMD (Denver). CirrusMD is a digital platform connecting patients to physicians via text messages, images and video chat.

CipherHealth (New York City). Founded in 2009, CipherHealth is a patient engagement platform that includes digital rounding and checklists, care management coordination, patient outreach and more.

ClearHealth Quality Institute (Annapolis, Md.). ClearHealth Quality Institute provides accreditation, compliance and educational programs and underwrites patient safety research.

ClickAClinic (Lake Worth, Fla.). ClickAClinic is a virtual clinic offering patients 24/7 medical consultation with physicians, psychiatrists and therapists.

CliniCloud (Melbourne, Australia). CliniCloud is a global producer of physician-connected home telemedicine solutions like no-touch thermometers and stethoscopes.

Cloud DX (Brooklyn, N.Y.). Cloud DX is a developer of remote vital sign monitoring equipment, software and mobile apps.

Cloudbreak Health (Columbus, Ohio, and El Segundo, Calif.). Cloudbreak Health provides more than 1 million minutes of telemedicine consultation each month, linking patients and providers through its telehealth marketplace. The company supports around 75,000 encounters per month at more than 700 hospitals.

CMI Health (Alpharetta, Ga.). CMI Health creates, manufactures and sells home-based patient monitors to record and transfer patients' vitals to providers.

Cohero Health (New York City). Cohero Health offers mobile respiratory disease management hardware and software to track medication use and lung function.

Connected Technology Solutions (Menomonee Falls, Wis.). Connected Technology Solutions develops customizable patient check-in kiosks.

ConnectedPulse (Dallas). ConnectedPulse is a provider of home-based wireless vital monitors that transmit and store measures on the company's server.

Contec Medical Systems (Qinhuangdao, China). Contec Medical Systems, founded in 1996 as a medical instrument manufacturer and distributor, now offers more than 20 product categories, including telemedicine equipment.

Continuity Health (Dallas). Continuity Health provides technology solutions for organizations to virtualize care delivery across the care continuum.

Continuwell (Jacksonville, Fla.). Continuwell offers a custom health and wellness mobile app for employers that features 24/7 telemedicine services.

Corstrata (Savannah, Ga.). Corstrata provides telehealth technologies and clinical expertise on ostomies and chronic wounds. The platform is designed to provide access to certified wound and ostomy clinicians and improve financial outcomes.

Curatess (Lombard, Ill.). Founded in 2015, Curatess offers a platform for healthcare providers to deliver remote care to patients. The Essential Care platform focuses on care coordination, offering advanced, open telehealth functionality.

CureCompanion (Wilmington, Del.). CureCompanion offers a white-label telemedicine platform for healthcare providers, telemedicine equipment companies and IT companies.

CyraCom Language Solutions (Tucson, Ariz.). CyraCom Language Solutions offers healthcare providers phone and video interpretation services with localization and onsite interpretations, and provides interpreter training for healthcare personnel.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care (Lebanon, N.H.). Dartmouth-Hitchcock Connected Care collaborates with physicians and healthcare facilities across northern New England to offer telemedicine services to nearly 2 million residents.

Dictum Health (Oakland, Calif.). Dictum Health offers end-to-end mobile and cloud-based telehealth solutions, featuring real-time health data streaming and vital sign monitoring services, among others.

Digidose (Allentown, Pa.). Digidose is a next-generation home health hub and personal medication dispenser offering direct communication between patients and providers.

Dignity Health Telemedicine Network (Sacramento, Calif.). Dignity Health Telemedicine Network connects patients and attending physicians to specialists through a two-way audio and video feed for diagnostic and treatment discussions.

Dizzion (Denver). Dizzion offers virtual desktop services that support telehealth applications.

Docademic. Docademic is the only healthcare service platform that provides free basic healthcare through live video calls.

Docsconnect (Orlando). Docsconnect provides flexible and powerful solutions via telemedicine for organizations or individuals. DocsConnect offers money back guarantees to all customers.

Doctor on Demand (San Francisco). Doctor on Demand enables patients to connect with board-certified physicians for numerous medical, pediatric and mental health conditions.

DocViaWeb (Coral Springs, Fla.). DocViaWeb focuses on developing telemedicine and telemonitoring systems and solutions, allowing patients to receive diagnoses and care in more convenient settings.

Eden Health (New York City). Eden Health is a personal health platform composed of providers, benefits experts and others, designed to help employees navigate the healthcare insurance landscape.

Eagle Telemedicine (Atlanta). The physician-led telemedicine firm partners with hospitals to help them implement telehealth models of care.

eClinicalWorks (Westborough, Mass.). eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based EHR, population health management, patient engagement and revenue cycle management solutions provider. The company introduced a telehealth solution mobile app in June 2017.

eDevice (Mérignac, France). eDevice's solutions transmit data securely between patients and medical systems, bringing connectivity solutions to medical device manufacturers.

eimageglobal (Chapel Hill, N.C.). Eimageglobal's medical cloud service platform connects different institutions, provides diagnostic tools and offers telemedicine and data analytics capabilities.

Eko Devices (Berkeley, Calif.). Eko Devices offers a platform of noninvasive cardiovascular care devices, including a digital stethoscope and combined electrocardiogram and digital stethoscope device.

Electronic Caregiver (Las Cruces, N.M.). In addition to emergency response, Electronic Caregiver technologies incorporate capabilities of activity detection, medication management, family monitoring connected applications and telemedicine.

e-Psychiatry (Columbus, Ind.). e-Psychiatry offers telepsychiatry and teletherapy tools and programs to healthcare organizations and directly to patients, as well as access to its national panel of metal health providers.

Etiam Corp. (Maynard, Mass.). Etiam is a telemedicine solutions company that enables secure data exchange between hospitals and clinicians.

Everbridge (Burlington, Mass.). Everbridge is a global software company that provides critical communications and safety applications to keep businesses running during critical events.

eVisit (Mesa, Ariz.). eVisit uses technology to simplify complicated clinical workflows and enables physicians to strengthen their existing relationships with patients.

Executive Communication Systems (Ventura, Calif.). Executive Communication Systems is a dictation and transcription equipment and accessories provider, delivering dictation and transcription equipment since 1990.

Figure 1 (Toronto, Canada). Working with millions of healthcare professionals, Figure 1 helps physicians share their cases through mobile devices for other physicians all around the world to view.

Firefly Global (Belmont, Mass.). Firefly Global is a provider of wireless portable microscopes and magnifying cameras with real-time video transmission.

Fitango (New York City). Fitango is a health IT solutions developer with platforms designed for payers, long-term care centers, transplant centers and other healthcare facilities to streamline processes and engage patients at home.

Fonemed (Ventura). Fonemed is a population health management and telehealth solutions provider.

ForaCare (Moorpark, Calif.). ForaCare is a software company that creates products for chronic disease management.

Freestate Health (Wichita, Kan.). Freestate aims to fill the gaps in healthcare for rural Americans through telemedicine applications. The company provides inpatient and outpatient telehealth services in 20 specialties to more than 34 hospitals in Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico and New York.

GCX Corp. (Petaluma, Calif.). GCX is an international company that offers medical instrument and IT mounting solutions.

GD (Ridgefield, N.J.). GD improves healthcare by developing comprehensive mobile telemedicine, communication and notification solutions for pre-hospital and hospital environments.

Genoa Healthcare (New York City). Genoa Healthcare offers a platform to connect patients with mental health providers, focused on underserved populations.

Ginger.io (San Francisco). Ginger.io is a nationwide medical provider of emotional and mental health support. With a team of coaches, therapists and psychiatrists, the company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide services in partnership with 40 healthcare organizations across the country.

GlobalMed (Scottsdale, Ariz.). GlobalMed powers advanced telehealth programs and is the telehealth provider to the White House, Department of Veterans Affairs and Defense Health Agency.

Global Partnership for Telehealth (Blackshear, Ga.). Global Partnership for Telehealth, a nonprofit corporation with a mission to deliver more affordable and sustainable telehealth programming and solution, manages a network of more than 700 clinical sites of care.

Glooko (Mountain View, Calif.). Founded in 2010, Glooko is a mobile diabetes management system.

GlucoMe (Yarkona, Israel). GlucoMe is a privately held company that offers a digital diabetes care platform.

Health Recovery Solutions (Hoboken, N.J.). Health Recovery Solutions supplies medical centers and home care agencies with a remote monitoring platform focused on changing patient behavior to reduce readmissions and improve clinical outcomes.

HealthePractices (West Nyack, N.Y.). HealthePractices provides business development and consulting services for companies involved in telemedicine and medical imaging, with emphasis on teleradiology, urgent care, elder care and artificial intelligence.

HealthX (Indianapolis). HealthX offers health portals aimed at providing an access point to health information for payers, providers and consumers.

HeraMED (Netanya, Israel). HeraMED is a pregnancy monitoring technology solutions provider for expectant mothers that offers self-monitoring solutions.

HNC Virtual Solutions (Wixom, Mich.). HNC Virtual Solutions, part of the J&B Medical Supply family of companies, offers telemedicine and remote patient monitoring solutions.

Hodei Technology (Indianapolis). Hodei Technology develops, deploys and sells technology that incorporates Google Glass and nanotechnology for telehealth applications in rural areas and for monitoring surgical procedures.

Honeywell Life Care Solutions (Brookfield, Wis.). Honeywell Life Care Solutions — a component of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions — develops health management and remote patient monitoring technologies.

Howard Medical (Ellisville, Miss.). Howard Medical focuses on solutions for multiple point-of-care technology needs such as medical carts and wall-mounted work stations.

Huntingdon Telemed (Bonita Springs, Fla.). Huntingdon Telemed manufactures a portable medical cart system.

iCAREHub (Weston, Fla.). iCAREHub is a HIPAA compliant cloud-based platform that enables hospitals, ACOs, health plans, physicians and other authorized users to share a patient’s medical history.

Ideal Life (Toronto). Ideal Life provides a suite of patient monitoring and care management technology solutions.

Ieso Digital Health (Cambridge, England). Ieso Digital Health provides digitally enhanced mental healthcare services to providers, private individuals and businesses. The company's platform and programs provide clinically validated, one-to-one, secure, real-time cognitive behavioral therapy programs.

iHealthHome (Seattle). iHealthHome uses web-based software to facilitate in-home patient monitoring.

Imediplus (Chupei City, Taiwan). Imediplus manufactures monitoring solutions and medical devices for severe and acute patient care.

Impact Advisors (Naperville, Ill.). Impact Advisors is a healthcare consulting firm dedicated to improving healthcare through technology. It helps clients design, implement and optimize telehealth programs.

Indemand Interpreting (Tukwila, Wash.). Indemand Interpreting is a medical interpreting solutions provider for patients with hearing difficulties or limited English language proficiency. Stratus Video purchased InDemand Interpreting in May.

Ingenium Healthcare Advisors (Washington, D.C.). Ingenium Healthcare Advisors partners with healthcare leaders to provide training and strategic planning to clinical and technical staff to improve care delivery.

InnovaTel Telepsychiatry (Erie, Pa.). InnovaTel Telepsychiatry provides telepsychiatry solutions to care centers in underserved areas.

InSight (Marlton, N.J.). InSight is a national organization providing telepsychiatry services in all settings across the care continuum.

Inpathy (Marlton). Inpathy is a telebehavioral health network and platform that offers consumers behavioral health services from their homes or other private spaces.

Insung Information (Seoul, South Korea). Insung Information enables users to easily identify vital signs and receive counsel from medical staff at any time with a smartphone or tablet.

Insurance Data Services (Wyoming, Mich.). Insurance Data Services provides hospitals and physicians with medical billing services including credentialing, coding and revenue cycle management.

IntellaTriage (Mundelein, Ill.). IntellaTriage provides nurse-based telehealth and triage solutions for physician groups, hospice, ACOs, home health, IDNs, insurers and employers.

Integron (New York City). Integron manages internet of things services, serving the health, energy and transportation industries.

Interactive Health Concepts (Phoenix). Interactive Health Concepts provides telemental healthcare to rural and urban communities.

InTouch Health (Goleta, Calif.). InTouch Health provides telemedicine, telecommunications and robotics services to assist health systems in deploying telehealth programs quickly.

Iris Telehealth (Austin, Texas). Iris Telehealth connects hospitals and community care centers with trained mental health professionals via private videoconferences.

Iron Bow Healthcare (Herndon, Va.). Iron Bow's consultative and collaborative methodology helps customers select, design, acquire, and integrate telehealth solutions tailored to their individual needs.

IVCi (Hauppauge, N.Y.). IVCi delivers audio-visual integration, unified communications, video conferencing, and voice and cloud services to companies globally.

Jedmed (St. Louis). Jedmed develops surgical instruments for ENT, ophthalmology and dental procedures as well as endoscopic video technology.

Jintronix (Montreal). Jintronix strives to enhance patient experience by boosting clinical outcomes and delivering progress data to therapists, providers and payers.

KagenAir (Appleton, Wis.). KagenAir is the only app on the market that demonstrates the how the weather and environment effects a person's health.

Kinpo Electronics (Taiwan). Kinpo Electronics is an electronic computer manufacturing company.

KioWare (York, Pa.). KioWare's video conferencing capabilities include self-service kiosks for billing and lockdown security for browser-based applications.

Krixi Corp. (Cumming, Ga.). Krixi delivers a secure, scalable telemedicine platform as well as a patient outreach platform designed to track patient-reported outcomes.

Languagers (Long Island City, N.Y.). Languagers offers professional interpreting and translation services for telemedicine industry with 24/7 via phone, video and mobile APP.

LevMed (Tilburg, The Netherlands). LevMed develops electrocardiogram belts for hospitals, clinics, rescue teams, airlines, sports centers and mobile care units.

LivingMatrix (San Francisco). LivingMatrix is a technology-based, data- and algorithm-driven functional medicine platform designed by clinicians to help practitioners evaluate patients and create personalized, actionable care plans.

Logicalis (New York City). Logicalis delivers digital enablement services, such as digital pillars, data center and cloud services, security and network infrastructure as well as workspace communications and collaboration.

Lumens Integration (Hsinchu, Taiwan). An optical product business, Lumens' portfolio includes portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, a ceiling document camera, high-definition point-tilt-zoom cameras and projection engines.

Mackay Communications, Satellite Solutions Division (Raleigh, N.C.). Mackay Communications' Satellite Solutions works with organizations to provide satellite telecommunication solutions.

MAP Health Management (Austin, Texas). MAP Health Management is a population health management organization focused on developing addiction and behavioral health illness technology solutions.

MaxLife (St. Clair, Mich.). MaxLife is a leader in telemedicine options for pre-hospital diagnosis and care. MaxLife provides the latest solutions in mobile ambulatory telemedicine.

MCIS Language Solutions (Toronto). MCIS Language Solutions provides translation services to government, legal and police services as well as healthcare organizations.

MDLIVE (Sunrise, Fla.). MDLIVE provides patients and health systems access to board-certified physicians and licensed therapists through a secure online video and phone network technology platform.

Medici (Austin, Texas). Medici’s singular purpose is to recreate the doctor-patient relationship. Its mobile telehealth platform unites patients, providers and payers in a simple, HIPAA-compliant app.

Mediconecta (North Miami, Fla.). Mediconecta is a telehealth product for the Spanish speaking world. It offers online, on-demand healthcare via video-conference accessible by web, mobile, or point of care kiosk.

Medimaging Integrated Solution (Taiwan). Medimaging Integrated Solutions manufactures digital hand-held diagnostic scopes.

MedM (Menlo Park, Calif.). MedM creates remote patient monitoring systems and medical connectivity software. MedM is a pure software engineering company that uses its skills to improve provider success metrics.

Medpod (New York City). Medpod is an augmented medicine company that specializes in addressing general, on-demand and distance care.

Medtronic (Dublin, Ireland). Medtronic is focused on medical devices and technology solutions that monitor patients across the care continuum in the hospital and at home.

Medsolis (Frisco, Texas). Medsolis is a remote care platform that improves outcomes by effectively nudging patients towards better behavior. Medsolis patient solution is holistic and personalized.

Medweb (San Francisco). With more than 1,000 installations worldwide, Medweb delivers secure telemedicine and teleradiology solutions. The company focuses on orthopedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, stroke evaluation, dentistry and general exams.

MeMD (Scottsdale, Ariz.). MeMD offers health plans, employers and consumers telemedicine services that connect patients and physicians via audio and video.

Mend (Orlando). Mend is a healthcare communication and engagement platform. Mend can connect to patients and/or providers anytime, anywhere and with any device through messaging, video, forms or other content.

Mercantile Processing (Millville, Del.). Mercantile Processing sets up and facilitates telemedicine payments, including credit card approvals.

Mercy Virtual (Chesterfield, Mo.). Mercy Virtual Care Center is a hub for Mercy health system staff and physicians to expand telehealth services and advance innovation in telemedicine.

MetTel (New York City). MetTel provides telehealth infrastructure for mobile devices, enterprise mobile management, vital sensors, procurement and financing and support telecommunications.

MLS Telehealth (Greensboro, N.C.). MLS Telehealth provides a physician network for direct-to-consumer partners, employers, practices, diagnostic companies, hospitals and health systems. The network includes diagnostic reads for echocardiography and other vascular studies.

MobileHelp Healthcare (Boca Raton, Fla.). MobileHelp® Healthcare serves a variety of healthcare organizations, including health plans, ACOs, MCOs, hospitals, home health agencies and private care physicians with remote patient monitoring and mobile personal emergency response systems programs.

MobilDrTech (Sugar Land, Texas). MobilDrTech is a telemedicine systems and equipment integrator that provides cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant video conference platforms and functions for telemedicine equipment manufacturers.

MobileSmith (Raleigh, N.C.). MobileSmith is an online development platform that promotes customizable telehealth app creation and management.

Modernizing Medicine (Boca Raton, Fla.). Modernizing Medicine® and its affiliated companies provide a telemedicine app for dermatologists. It directly integrates with the company's EHR system, EMA™.

Myapps Developers (Longwood, Fla.). Myapps Developers' CallingDr.com is a telemedicine platform that allows clinicians to provide health services remotely and connect with patients from any device or through a web portal.

MYidealDOCTOR (Atlanta). MYidealDOCTOR gives patients access to board-certified physicians with prescribing capabilities any time of the day by phone or video conferencing.

MyOnCallDoc (Largo, Fla.). MyOnCallDoc's telehealth technology connects users with physicians and healthcare professionals at all hours. More than 500 board-certified physicians in 47 states are available through the on-demand services.

Myowndoctor (Chicago). Myowndoctor promotes healthy living by delivering information on healthcare and connecting patients to providers they know.

MyTelemedicine (McKinney, Texas). MyTelemedicine features multiple languages within the member portal, API integration into mobile apps and an administration dashboard for instant activation of groups and members.

Neighbors Telehealth (Houston). Neighbors Telehealth, LLC offers a customizable web-based telehealth portal as well as comprehensive, turnkey telehealth solutions for institutions and healthcare providers.

Neighbors School Telehealth (Houston). Neighbors School Telehealth, LLC, brings its medical and behavioral providers onto educational campuses to facilitate the diagnosis, treatment and management of student health and behavioral needs using telehealth technology.

NiNiSpeech (Haifa, Israel). NiNiSpeech is a virtual speech therapy platform that connects patients with speech therapy professionals and payers to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs.

Nokia (Cambridge, Mass.). Nokia creates devices to track and improve activity, sleep, weight, heart health and environmental issues. Some of the devices include wireless blood pressure monitors and Wi-Fi-enabled scales.

Nonin Medical (Plymouth, Minn.). Nonin Medical focuses on technologies and products, such as pulse and regional oximeters, capnographs, sensors and software.

Novotalk (Raanana, Israel). Novotalk offers self-guided therapy through a web-based platform to help people who stutter gain and maintain fluent speech.

NuPhysicia (Houston). NuPhysicia focuses on telemedicine services for correctional healthcare, indigent populations, scientific exploration and employee health.

NuView Health (Boca Raton, Fla.). NuView Health is a telehealth solutions provider with a physician network that has supported nearly 1.5 million patient encounters.

Ochsner CareConnect 360 (Jefferson, La.). Ochsner CareConnect 360 is New Orleans-based Ochsner Health System's telehealth program, which is designed to support on-site coverage for patients that need specialty services and includes remote monitoring technology for critical patients.

OpenTeleHealth (Velje, Denmark). OpenTeleHealth is a cloud-based remote health measurement platform. Citizens can measure health data at home using an app and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Doctors and nurses can access patient data from a web portal.

OTTO Health (Boulder, Colo.). OTTO is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that enables video visits and schedule management between providers and their patients.

Oxitone Medical (Kfar Saba, Israel). Oxitone Medical developed a bracelet with oxygen saturation, pulse and motion biosensors as well as a companion patient management app for continuous patient monitoring and transition care services.

PatientClick (San Diego, Calif.). PatientClick provides an integrated video-based telemedicine platform as a software-as-a-service with EHR and practice management solutions. The company also provides an on-demand telemedicine platform.

Patronus (Washington, D.C.). Patronus provides medical services to individuals, families and facilities that need private, attentive care 24 hours a day through advanced telemedicine technologies.

PeraHealth (Charlotte, N.C.). PeraHealth provides real-time, predictive analytics solutions based on data science and clinical care best practices. The solutions are designed to help clinicians identify at-risk patients.

Pexip (New York City). Pexip's virtualized meeting platform is designed for web conferencing across compatible technologies and can run in an organization's data center as well as public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Philips (Alpharetta, Ga.). Philips Enterprise telehealth provides telehealth-enabled clinical programs aimed at improving outcomes and lowering costs in the hospital, ambulatory care settings and at home.

PHZIO.com (Culver City, Calif.). PHZIO.com is focused on telerehab, providing more than 100,000 users with access to physical therapy and wellness programs via video.

PipelineRx (San Francisco). PipelineRx is the leading independent medication management telepharmacy provider that serves individual acute and specialty hospitals as well as integrated delivery networks through its services and software solutions.

PlushCare (Chicago). Plush Care recruits physicians to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication to patients over their tablet or mobile device. Its services became available nationwide in October 2018.

PokitDok (San Mateo, Calif.). PokitDok's healthcare platform supports real-time transactions through an open-source application programming interface, allowing hospitals and health systems to create apps that will streamline their telehealth business. Change Healthcare acquired the company in December 2018.

Polycom (San Jose, Calif.). Polycom provides video collaboration solutions that support telehealth and telemedicine, care coordination as well as medical and patient education.

ProAssurance (Birmingham, Ala.). ProAssurance is a healthcare liability insurer that focuses on handling claims and medical liability.

Professional Risk Management Services (Arlington, Va.). Professional Risk Management Services provides liability insurance for individual healthcare providers, groups, practices, associations and organizations, including telepsychiatry and forensic services.

Providence St. Joseph Health (Renton, Wash.). Providence St. Joseph Health is a 50-hospital, 829-physician health system that employs caregivers in seven states. The health system provides virtual on-site care at a lower cost than clinic visits and has a patient engagement center to help patients navigate through their personalized approach to healthcare.

Questcare Telehealth (Dallas). Questcare Telehealth is an integrated multispecialty group that provides telehealth coverage for community and rural hospitals.

Redivus Health (Olathe, Kan.). Redivus Health's mobile app, combined with cloud services, provides protocol for cardiac arrest, stroke and sepsis to enhance diagnostic and treatment accuracy.

Reflexion Health (San Diego). Reflexion Health is a rehabilitation therapy company dedicated to evidence-based technology that can help patients recover at home, including remote support and monitoring for physical therapy exercises in real time.

Reliq Health (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Reliq Health provides remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and care collaboration solutions to healthcare providers in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Remedy.me (Plano, Texas). Remedy.me is a telehealth startup that offers a standalone benefit for employers, groups and payroll companies to deliver primary care telemedicine, teletherapy and pharmacy discount.

Rhinogram (Chattanooga, Tenn.). Rhinogram focuses on cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth communications, connecting patients, clinicians and office administrators through text-based interactions in real time.

Ria Health (San Francisco). Ria Health offers personalized treatment for alcoholism via its mobile app.

Salus Telehealth (Waycross, Ga.). Salus Telehealth is a full-service telehealth company with expertise in implementing telemedicine solutions. The company partnered with MTBC, a cloud-based health IT and practice management solutions provider, in September 2018.

Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions (Torrance, Calif.). Second Opinion Telemedicine Solutions has a software platform designed for telehealth services across multiple specialties and the Second Opinion Enterprise, a comprehensive telehealth portal solution.

SecondOpinions.com (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.). As the consumer division of USARAD Holdings, SecondOpinion.com is powered by an automated platform designed for simple web image upload and provides access to board-certified physicians.

Sensely (San Francisco). Sensely is an artificial intelligence clinical avatar for triage and continuous controls monitoring that includes the Virtual Clinician patient engagement solution combining artificial intelligence with an empathetic avatar and chat bot technology.

Senscio Systems (Boston). Senscio Systems' Ibis solution provides an artificial intelligence-based comprehensive health management program for individuals with complex chronic conditions. The technology realizes the earliest signs of health issues and engages members to take self-rescue actions.

Sensi (Somerset West, South Africa). Sensi is a team of auscultation and machine learning experts. They are the world leader in heart sound analysis and built a virtual doctor (SensiCardiac) with the ability to distinguish between innocent and pathological heart murmurs with the confidence of a cardiologist.

Sensogram Technologies (Plano, Texas). Sensogram Technologies is a research and development company focused on biosensors that allow for continuous remote and mobile monitoring of vital signs.

Sentier (Brookfield, Wis.). Sentier is focused on delivering cost-effective veterinary diagnostic device and telemedicine solutions.

SGS North America (Suwanee, Ga.). SGS offers a globally integrated solution to medical device manufacturers to get their devices to market sooner.

Shift Administrators (Columbia, S.C.). Shift Administrators' ShiftAdmin is a web-based customizable schedule generation and management system for healthcare providers.

SilverCloud Health (Dublin, Ireland). SilverCloud provides outcomes-focused online behavioral health and wellbeing solutions, with its digital platform customizable for the provider's needs.

SimpleVisit (Crofton, Md.). SimpleVisit facilitates televisits through Apple FaceTime, Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts with live coordinators to create a positive patient experience and maximize the clinician's time.

SnapMD (Glendale, Calif.). SnapMD's Virtual Care Management platform is designed for ambulatory patients to receive one-on-one or multiple participant virtual consultations with clinicians.

Solutionz (Los Angeles). Founded in 2001, Solutionz provides video conferencing and audio collaboration solutions and services for healthcare providers.

SOC Telemed (Reston, Va.). SOC Telemed is a leader in acute-care telemedicine offering telemedicine technology and solutions to more than 500+ hospitals and healthcare providers. SOC Telemed acquired behavioral health telemedicine company JSA Health in August 2018.

Spectrum Health MedNow (Grand Rapids, Mich.). Spectrum Health is a nonprofit, integrated healthcare organization with 12 hospitals and a 1,600-physician medical group. The health system's telemedicine program, MedNow, offers an app that consumers can download to connect virtually with providers.

Spry (Palo Alto, Calif.). Spry is a health management technologies and remote patient monitoring company focused on wearables for disease management among chronically ill patients.

StarLeaf (Watford, United Kingdom). StarLeaf offers video conferencing and calling with healthcare providers around the world.

Straight Teeth Direct. Straight Teeth Direct is a teledentistry app and platform connecting adults with orthodontists for diagnosis, treatment and supervision of teeth straightening.

SwyMed (Lexington, Mass.). SwyMed's telemedicine technology connects patients with physicians in a real-time video conference. The company focuses on professionals in community paramedicine, home healthcare, EMS/critical transport and telestroke services.

Synct (Birmingham, Ala.). Synct is a telemedicine app that supports virtual physician visits. The company also offers web services for physician websites.

SynsorMed (Atlanta). SynsorMed's telehealth solution is integrated into provider EHRs to connect physicians with their existing patients.

Synzi (Clearwater, Fla.). Synzi's proprietary technology platform offers virtual care and telehealth capabilities to help provider, payer, and home health organizations engage patients/members.

T-MedRobotics (Scottsdale, Ariz.). Robotized Ultrasonography provides ultrasonography for isolated patients through telemedicine, supported by an expert center.

Tactio Health Group (Montreal, Canada). Tactio Health Group focuses on telehealth systems that create a digitized record for each patient to track medical devices and develop clinical research studies.

Therapist Assisted Online (St. Petersburg, Fla.). Therapist Assisted Online's TAO Connect is a suite of online tools for client education, interaction, accountability and progress assessment of mental health treatment.

Tech4Life Enterprises (Milton, Ontario, Canada). Tech4Life Enterprises provides the telemedicine solution MD Consults to the U.S. market, which is a telemedicine platform for online consultations in high and low bandwidth environments.

Techmedic International (Syosset, N.Y.). The Dyna-Vision Telemonitoring System from Telemedic provides nearly real-time remote patient monitoring through an ambulant medical device.

TelaCare (Fishers, Ind.). TelaCare enables patients to connect with board-certified physicians, licensed therapists and medical specialists through secure phone, video or mobile app.

Teladoc Health (Purchase, NY). Teladoc Health provides integrated clinical solutions including telehealth, expert medical opinions, AI and analytics.

Telebehavioral Health Institute (San Diego). The Telebehavioral Health Institute offers telemental and telebehavioral health training, consulting and staffing assistance with personal training available in person and online.

TeleDiets (Valencia, Calif.). TeleDiets.com is a program that uses nutrition along with prescriptions and physician advice to treat patients, including those with chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes.

National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers (Anchorage, Alaska). Telehealth Resource Centers includes 12 regional centers and two national centers focused on technology assessment and telehealth policy.

Telehealth Sensors (North Aurora, Ill.). Telehealth Sensors works with clients to program monitors for their specific needs, including continuous monitoring capabilities, and focuses on creating inconspicuous products to protect the privacy of users.

Telehealth Solutions (Alpharetta, Ga.). Telehealth Solutions assists hospitals and physician practices with selecting and implementing telemedicine systems to optimize workflow.

TeleMed 2020 (Indianapolis). TeleMed 2020's Enform platform is a flexible care management and engagement telemedicine solution for managing chronic care, wellness, patient navigation, wound care, behavioral health and population health initiatives.

Telemedicine.com (Cameron Park, Calif.). Telemedicine.com provides assistance with creating a telemedicine clinic, including grant writing through system installation.

TouchPointCare (Libertyville, Ill.). TouchPointCare is a telehealth and communication platform providing remote patient monitoring and patient engagement programs in the home.

TeleSpecialists (Fort Myers, Fla.). TeleSpecialists supports telemedicine as an effective method to increase patient retention and maximize patient satisfaction, with consultation services to develop telestroke and teleneurology programs.

Terason (Burlington, Mass.). Terason focuses on portable ultrasound systems, including the uSmart products for quality imaging and functionality.

Theralist (United Kingdom). Founded in 2016, Theralist provides access to approved therapy practitioners that are reviewed by a community of members.

Therapractic Management Systems (Lubbock, Texas). Therapractic Management Systems provides online office assistance for behavioral health practices and manages risk with HIPAA-based training and Medicare and Medicaid sensitive notes.

Thinklabs (Centennial, Colo.). Thinklabs One provides a stethoscope for telemedicine and mobile health applications that can connect with multiple platforms to record and share sound.

TIMS Medical (Chelmsford, Mass.). TIMS Medical is a networked system that allows physicians, technicians, students, residents, fellows and subspecialty consultants to participate in surgery or diagnostic imaging procedures from remote locations.

TokBox (San Francisco). TokBox provides a live video cloud platform with cross-platform application programming interfaces for telehealth applications with HIPAA-compliant video, audio and multiparty conferencing as well as encrypted recording and interactive broadcasting and messaging.

T-Psychiatry (Alvin, Texas). T-Psychiatry provides telepsychiatric solutions for providers and facilities.

TransGlobal (Vienna, Va.). TransGlobal provides language translation interpretation services and recently was one of three recipients of the IDIQ contract for translation and interpretation services from the National Institutes of Health.

Trapollo (Herndon, Va.). Trapollo is a telehealth and remote health monitoring solutions company focused on chronic disease management and independent living and corporate health and wellness programs.

TytoCare (New York City). TytoCare connects people with clinicians through its TytoHome for consumers, TytoPro for professionals and TytoClinic for remote point-of-care services.

United Concierge Medicine (Clifton Park, N.Y.). United Concierge Medicine allows patients to use everyday technology such as phones, text messaging, video and secure messaging for diagnostic, prescription, lab ordering and referral services.

United Language Group (St. Louis Park, Minn.). United Language Group provides interpreting services for clients around the world, including telemedicine solution integrators and video conferencing.

Utila (San Jose, Calif.). Utila's condition-specific programs send patients automated text reminders to complete activities, support messages, educational content and assessment responses to streamline workflows and improve patient communication.

VeeMed (Sacramento, Calif.). VeeMed is a global telemedicine company focused on virtual clinical patient healthcare services and advanced telemedicine technology in chronic care, nephrology, pulmonary medicine, neurology and mental healthcare.

VideoConnex (Lake Monroe, Fla.). VideoConnex is a consulting firm that provides a network collaboration infrastructure for multisite interactive collaboration at world sporting events, among other occasions.

Vidyo (Hackensack, N.J.). Vidyo provides telemedicine through video collaboration, including video-enabled smart glasses for surgery, ambulatory care and emergency response as well as powering telehealth on smartphones. Enghouse Systems acquired Vidyo in May.

Visibility (Chicago). Visibility is a Chicago-based healthcare technology company that creates digital eye care technologies.

Virtual Medical Staff (Alpharetta, Ga.). Virtual Medical Staff helps healthcare organizations connect with patients for psychiatric evaluations, stroke assessments in the ER, ongoing counseling services and surgical consultations.

VisionFlex (Sydney, Australia). VisionFlex designs and manufactures telehealth devices and high-grade video imaging systems for healthcare applications.

ViTel Net (McLean, Va.). ViTel Net provides healthcare organizations with customized solutions for telemedicine and telepresence robotics.

Vivify Health (Plano, Texas). Vivify Health's remote care platform combines mobile application silos and consolidates branding across remote monitoring, bundled payments, chronic care management, home health and patient engagement programs.

VSee (Sunnyvale, Calif.). VSee is a telemedicine platform design house that serves Walgreens, Walmart and Livonia, Mich.-based Trinity Health, among other healthcare providers, with telemedicine carts, web-based waiting rooms and customized telehealth portals.

Vyopta (Austin, Texas). Vyopta developed a device that monitors the performance of large video and web conferencing networks to improve performance.

Wecounsel (Chattanooga, Tenn.). Wecounsel provides telehealth solutions for behavioral health providers through online engagement solutions including HIPAA-compliant video sessions and instant chats.

WebRTC.ventures (Charlottesville, Va.). WebRTC.ventures' medical services platform connects two or more users in private, secure video connections that allow the users to videoconference and share audio, video and data files.

Welch Allyn (Skaneateles Falls, N.Y.). Welch Allyn focuses on diagnostic solutions, including the Welch Allyn Home Hypertension Program and Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor and Scale.

WellVia (Irving, Texas). Founded in 2014, WellVia is a premier virtual healthcare services company providing integrated healthcare solutions via telehealth.

WoMBA (New York City). WoMBA collects data from multiple apps — sports apps, medical apps and nutrition apps — as well as medical records and aggregates them in one place.

XBOSoft (Reston, Va.). XBOSoft is a software quality assurance and testing services company focused on providing services for small and mid-sized companies.

Yorktel (Eatontown, N.J.). Yorktel provides remote patient monitoring and video expertise for secure telehealth solutions.

YouThisMe (Hudson, N.Y.). YouThisMe offers a seamless, secure, HIPAA-compliant and simple-to-use remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to remain in their homes while giving providers essential information for managing chronic conditions and avoiding hospital readmissions.

Zipnosis (Minneapolis). Zipnosis' telemedicine platform connects patients and clinicians for video, telephone and adaptive online interviews. The company launched a personalized virtual care platform for health systems in April.

Zoom (San Jose, Calif.). Zoom's platform includes audio, video and screen-sharing capabilities for HIPAA-compliant telemedicine, telepsychiatry, telehome care and training.


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