CDC updates vaccine guidelines for adults: 4 things to know

The CDC has set the adult immunization schedule for 2017 based upon recommendations made by the agency's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The recommendations apply to adults 19 years and older and can be viewed in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine and on the CDC's website.

"All adults need immunizations to help them prevent getting and spreading serious disease that could result in poor health, missed work, medical bills, and not being able to care for family," said David Kim, MD, deputy associate director for adult immunizations at the CDC's Immunization Services Division, according to HealthDay.

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Here are four major changes to the recommendations.

1. Nix the FluMist: The nasal influenza vaccine is not recommended for adults 19 years and older. While this marks a change from the 2016 adult immunization guidelines, the modification is not wholly unexpected as APIC did not endorse the use of nasal spray flu vaccine for the 2016-2017 flu season. The nasal flu vaccine is made from a weakened strain of influenza virus, and studies have shown it to be less effective than the traditional flu shot.

2. Flu shot safe for those with egg allergies: Adults with egg allergies are now approved to receive any age-appropriate flu shot. Last year individuals with more severe egg allergies were advised to seek out an egg-free flu vaccine.

3. New meningococcal protections: A two-dose series of MenACWY vaccine should now be administered to HIV-positive individuals to protect them against meningococcal infections of the brain and spine.

4. Hepatitis B protections: The 2017 vaccine schedule adds individuals infected with hepatitis C to the category of people with chronic liver disease who could benefit from the hepatitis B vaccine.

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