Chuck Lauer: 32 beliefs for a good life

I have spent almost 55 years in healthcare. In that time, these are some of the things I have learned and now believe are essential to living a decent and fulfilling life.

Some people may disagree with some of my beliefs, but that is only to be expected. We live in a nation where we are free to live our lives as we choose. What I have come to believe in the allotted time I have been fortunate enough to live on this earth is that we don't listen to each other enough, and consequently we too often miss gems of wisdom that could benefit us and those we care about. I submit my belief to you with humility and hope they may make some sense to you.

1. I believe it is best to keep all things simple at all times. Life is complicated enough without making things more confusing.

2. I believe it is best not to show disappointment in your behavior and on your face when things don't go your way.

3. I believe your family members are the most important people in your life.

4. I believe having even one friend is the greatest reward any human being can have.

5. I believe that a man must treat women always with the utmost respect and courtesy.

6. I believe forgiving and forgetting are two things all of us should practice every day.

7. I believe all animals have the right to live free of pain, disruption and bondage.

8. I believe it is much more rewarding to help others than anything one can do to our fellow inhabitants.

9. I believe honesty is now and will always be the best policy for any of us to practice.

10. I believe we should all treat the elderly with the utmost respect and dignity and go out of our way to give them assistance when necessary.

11. I believe it is essential to never denigrate the character of others.

12. I believe people are good and well-intended, but I also believe when dealing with others we should do so with caution

13. I believe marriage is best.

14. I believe that character fully presents itself when a person is under great pressure.

15. I believe that everyone should be given a second and third chance, and in some cases, maybe even a fourth one.

16. I believe holding grudges is the biggest waste of time ever.

17. I believe that telling someone you love them is the greatest compliment you can pay to anyone.

18. I believe every day we are on this earth we should smile and say hello to anyone we encounter.

19. I believe a hand-written letter carries more import than all the emails and texts you could send to another person.

20. I believe it is essential to remember your wedding anniversary.

21. I believe it is wrong not to lend money to another human being when they are desperate and you can afford it.

22. I believe it is essential that you learn as quickly as you can to laugh at yourself.

23. I believe feeling sorry for yourself is a waste of time and doesn't get you anywhere.

24. I believe that the United States of America is the greatest country on this earth.

25. I believe silence is truly golden.

26. I believe brevity in writing and speaking should be mandatory.

27. I believe that the cleanliness of one's body is a marvelous way to display good manners.

28. I believe it is the good manners when seated to always stand up when approached by a man or woman.

29. I believe that all of us love to be complimented. Do so with utter abandonment.

30. I believe it is wrong to laugh at others when they fail.

31. I believe all of us should give ourselves a break once in a while.

32. I believe it is essential that we believe in each other.

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