Robust support from the C-suite will ensure a happy workforce, CEO says

Alan Hathcock, MD, CEO and medical director at Fort Collins-based Northern Colorado Hospitalists, is both excited and nervous about the near future for the healthcare group he leads and for the industry in general.

Speaking on a recent Becker's podcast, Dr. Hathcock said that while there appear to be positive changes in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was still a little too early to predict what may happen with the exact direction of the health crisis.

But a strong team throughout the Northern Colorado Hospitalists network gave him optimism about dealing with any challenges in the future.

 "This group of people who have collectively weathered a very dramatic storm have still maintained this focus on what we are supposed to do, which is taking care of the patient," he said. "The fact that we have been able to overcome this adversity gives me a lot of excitement and hope."

 Focusing on recruiting and retaining staff is also key to maintaining a strong team, he said. Giving people more flexibility in their work schedules and implementing robust programs to do so plays a key role in keeping a workforce happy. 

 As is support from the top. This was key across the hospital and healthcare industry.

 "As servant leaders, how can we help our caregivers give the best care?" he said. "We have to keep our eyes on operations and not be too focused on C-suite activities, making sure we keep our connection to everybody on the front line."

Dr. Hathcock also spoke about ensuring a focus on technological and healthcare innovation in general, ranging from improved documentation processes to expanding into nontraditional services such as telehealth and care in the home.

Northern Colorado Hospitalists operates three hospitals and is part of Aurora, Colo.-based UCHealth, a 12-hospital system.

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