Mona Baset, Vice President of Digital Services at Intermountain Healthcare

This episode features Mona Baset, Vice President of Digital Services at Intermountain Healthcare. Here, he discusses her background & career, what parts of healthcare can improve through automation, the importance of simplifying things in order to improve caregiver’s & patient’s experiences, and a lot more.


Discover How Automation Can Improve Healthcare: A Conversation with Mona Baset

As the Vice President of Digital Services at Intermountain Healthcare, Mona Baset is a driving force behind consumer and caregiver engagement strategies. In this interview, we look at her background and career, the potential benefits of automation, and the importance of keeping things simple to improve experiences for both patients and caregivers.

Mona's Background and Career

Mona Baset has been with Intermountain Healthcare for over 14 years and brings extensive experience in data analysis and digital marketing to her role as Vice President of Digital Services. She is highly focused on creating initiatives that elevate the experiences of consumers and caregivers while also fostering innovation within the healthcare space.

The Potential Benefits of Automation in Healthcare

While some fear automation may replace human work in healthcare, Mona believes that technology should elevate the work of healthcare professionals. She encourages leaders to embrace digital engagement tools from other industries, such as retail and banking, in order to improve experiences for both patients and caregivers. By automating certain aspects of healthcare, caregivers can focus on more complex tasks that require their unique skills and expertise.

The Importance of Keeping Things Simple

Mona offers a crucial piece of advice to those designing initiatives in healthcare: always keep your audience in mind. Healthcare leaders should strive to focus on the needs of their consumers and caregivers to motivate them and guide them through the process. Simplifying experiences is key to improving effectiveness, efficiency, and delivering elevated experiences.

The Role of Leaders in Fostering Innovation

Mona advises healthcare leaders to be marketers and salespeople, communicating the benefits of their initiatives and inspiring their teams to innovate. By developing their teams, healthcare leaders can ensure that their organizations are always at the forefront of innovation and providing the best possible experiences for their patients and caregivers.

As Mona's insights demonstrate, automation in healthcare has the potential to improve the experiences of both patients and caregivers. By focusing on simplifying experiences and fostering innovation, healthcare leaders can create an ecosystem that delivers exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders.


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This episode aired on 01/07/2023 and can be listened here.


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