How Nebraska Medicine is bucking nurse turnover

After Nebraska Medicine turned to AI, the organization was able to reduce first-year nurse turnover by 47%. 

In recent years, Nebraska Medicine witnessed a significant rise in nurse retirements and faced an increasing number of patients requiring care. Additionally, the burnout and fatigue resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the broader nursing shortages, necessitated a reevaluation of how the organization engaged with its staff. 

To address these challenges, Nebraska Medicine deployed a platform from Laudio to streamline and automate workflows, with the aim of creating a deeper engagement with employees. 

"How the Laudio system works is it takes a lot of the information from disparate systems that a nursing leader was having to go into to find data and evaluates the data. It integrates that data into a platform where predictive analytics and artificial intelligence helps highlight items that the leader should address that will help with burnout and fatigue," Kelly Vaughn, vice president of operations at Nebraska Medicine, told Becker's. "And so it really made it very efficient for the leader to identify that information, but more importantly, it gave them an action item that was going to be meaningful to their team."

Ms. Vaughn said as employees continue to engage with the Laudio system, it accumulates information about individual team members. This information is then presented in a manner that assists leaders in identifying opportunities to connect with their staff. This connection may involve expressing appreciation and gratitude for specific accomplishments or checking in to discuss aspects such as their role in mentoring new employees during each shift. 

"It really makes it very meaningful to that individual," she said. 

Laudio helped manage more than 5,000 workers at Nebraska Medicine, which enabled more than 27,000 intentional interactions with teams in a span of six months. This initiative led to a notable 47% decrease in the first-year turnover rate, according to Ms. Vaughn.

Building off the success of this, Nebraska Medicine is actively developing a nurse leader round component, set to be implemented for its nurse leaders. 

Ms. Vaughn said this feature will serve as an effective tool for documenting their activities and extracting valuable insights from those interactions. 

Additionally, the organization is focusing on enhancing audit information to better gauge individual performance, offering recognition and addressing any necessary follow-ups based on regulatory and compliance-related audits.

"The integration of this audit data into our performance management tool will provide a streamlined way for our staff to stay informed about their performance, growth areas and opportunities," Ms. Vaughn said. 

Simultaneously, Nebraska Medicine is in the midst of rolling out and going live with the Laudio system in other ambulatory areas and among front-line staff, especially those facing challenges in retention or managing large spans of control. 


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