InVita Launches Implant360 to Optimize Tissue and Implant Supply Chain Cost Savings Across Health Networks

New Implant360 platform includes analytics that automatically uncover hidden opportunities to reduce spend and improve compliance IDN-wide.

InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading software provider for complex medical, forensic and community care environments, announces Implant360, the industry’s first implant management platform solution that provides a 360-degree view of real-time information necessary to optimize implant supply chain efficiency and maximize full lifecycle cost savings across an entire health network. Implant360 provides the following in an integrated cloud-based platform:

  • Full lifecycle visibility from implant to explant to warranty claim
  • Full implant supply chain visibility for tissue and medical devices, including expiration dates, warranty tracking, real-time usage rates, and meaningful usage and cost-saving trends
  • Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)-wide visibility across all participating facilities in the health network

For the first time, individual hospital and enterprise/IDN-level decision makers can be aligned with a 360-degree view of real-time data in one platform that automatically identifies and presents cost saving opportunities at-a-glance. Decision makers can view opportunities and align on priorities to reduce implant spend, reduce expiration, waste and loss, reduce supplier risk, consolidate suppliers, and more.

“At a time when diminished resources and staffing are making operations incredibly challenging, Implant360 instantly uncovers opportunities to realize hidden savings and efficiency gains that many health networks are missing today,” said Todd Collins, President and CEO of InVita Healthcare Technologies. “This platform provides the data transparency managers need to procure more favorably, protect valuable inventory, and ward off threats of increased cost and risk to make a substantial impact on their bottom line.”

Implant360 brings powerful new analytics into the decision-making process. It’s the only platform to bridge data across the lifespan of tissue and medical device implant supply, including inventory consignments and removals, recalls, explants, implant replacements, and warranty credits. With seamless data flow and the interfaces that drive automated processes and accurate data, this scalable and collaborative environment becomes the engine for refined operations and efficiencies. Both hospitals and enterprises have a center point for the product usage and activity of every department so product contracts, staffing, and resources can be leveraged with predictability and allocated intelligently.

With one ecosystem for the management of tissue and device implant supply, operations become stronger, compliance more trusted, and patient safety improved. “Building on knowledge gained from customers using InVita’s systems for implant and warranty claims management, Implant360’s robust analytics platform provides return on investment from day one,” noted Paul Cicciarelli, Senior Product Specialist at InVita. “Validating the 50-70% less waste, 90% product intake time saved, and having the foresight to prevent thousands (or millions) of dollars in product expirations or unprocessed warranty credits are just a few benefits of Implant360.”

About InVita Healthcare Technologies |

InVita provides chain of custody software technologies for complex medical, forensic and community care environments. InVita’s solutions optimize supply chains, sample tracking, and visibility across blood and plasma operations, the tissue and implant lifecycle, and environments spanning DNA and forensics. InVita’s solutions support increased compliance and cost control, reduced risk, and improved patient and public safety outcomes.

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