Today's Top 20 Clinical Leadership Articles
  • Mississippi hospital shooting victim dies

    The victim in a possible murder-suicide at a Mississippi hospital has died, NBC affiliate WLBT reported Sept. 6.
  • Flesh-eating bacteria kills 6 along East Coast

    Within three months, the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus has killed six people along the East Coast and one in the Midwest.
  • The state of men's health: 7 findings from Cleveland Clinic

    More than 80 percent of men in the U.S. believe they live a healthy lifestyle, though this may be an inaccurate perception, given many respondents indicated they have unhealthy habits and lifestyles, according to new survey findings from Cleveland Clinic. 
  • Becker's Health IT + Digital Health + Revenue Cycle Live Conference

    From cybersecurity to AI, consumerism & health equity — 240+ speakers at Becker's Health IT + Digital Health + RCM meeting will show how (and when) tech is the silver bullet. Join us this fall.
  • 5 infection prevention guideline updates to know

    The CDC and medical associations have released several new guidelines on infection prevention and control this year.
  • Some hospitals hold off on mandatory masking

    As COVID-19 cases rise and respiratory virus season begins, some hospitals have already begun to bring back mask mandates — but others are watching trends and waiting to make that determination. 
  • Do expired COVID-19 tests still work? What the FDA says

    The FDA has extended expiration dates for many rapid at-home COVID-19 tests, meaning some test kits that have been stored away from earlier in the pandemic may still provide accurate results. 
  • Average adult body temperature is 97.9, study suggests

    While 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is often cited as the standard for normal body temperature, adults' average body temperature may be closer to 97.9 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a study published Sept. 5 in JAMA Internal Medicine.
  • Surgical gloves: A vital strategy in the battle against HAIs

    Healthcare-associated infections spiked over the last few years, and proper glove use is vital to help stamp out HAIs. Get tips for picking the right gloves and adhering to best practices here.
  • Washington nurse charged 5 years after hospital’s hepatitis C outbreak

    A nurse who may have been the source of a hepatitis C outbreak among patients at a Washington state hospital was charged on Sep. 1 after a five-year investigation.
  • 15 top states for nurse practitioners in 2023

    New York was named the best state for nurse practitioners in 2023, according to an analysis by Nursing Process.
  • First of its kind sepsis detection tool is a 'needed roadmap' for patient care

    One month after Baton Rouge, La.-based Our Lady of the Lake Health deployed a new diagnostic tool capable of detecting sepsis within 10 minutes, physicians told Becker's it has already helped clinical teams prioritize faster care for 15 at-risk individuals. 
  • RSV is rising in Southeast, CDC warns

    Respiratory syncytial virus activity has increased across the Southeast in recent weeks, suggesting the U.S. will see a national uptick within several months, according to a Sept. 5 CDC health alert.
  • Escapee patient at Oregon State Hospital apprehended

    A patient at Oregon State Hospital in Salem, who was awaiting felony charges and escaped his restraints, was apprehended Sept. 1, NBC affiliate KGW reported. 
  • Mississippi hospital patient shot, suspect dies by suicide: Police

    Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide attempt at Jackson, Miss.-based Baptist Memorial Hospital that left one person dead and another critically injured, ABC affiliate WAPT reported Sep. 5.
  • Cedars-Sinai staff unwind in 'serenity lounges'

    After opening the first "serenity lounge" in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has unveiled 13 more break rooms with massage chairs and aromatherapy for nurses and other patient care employees. 
  • Physicians urge caution over 'Barbie Botox' trend

    Plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists are reporting an uptick in patients requesting "Barbie Botox" or "trap tox" — a cosmetic procedure that has gained traction on social media this summer, The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 29.
  • 14 Iowa home health agencies cited for patient violations

    Fourteen home-health agencies have been cited for violations, including four agencies run by the county health departments, the Iowa Capital Dispatch reported Sept. 4.
  • New data on BA.2.86: What to know

    New lab data suggests COVID-19 variant BA.2.86 — a distant omicron relative that has been making headlines over the past few weeks because of its large number of mutations — may not be as transmissible or immune-evasive as experts initially believed, CNN reported Sept. 4.
  • CDC issues health alert on flesh-eating bacteria

    Health officials at the CDC have issued a health advisory warning clinicians to look out for cases of Vibrio vulnificus, a sometimes deadly flesh-eating bacteria. 
  • AHA: Nurse execs weigh in on ways to aid pressing workforce issues

    As patient volumes increase, the nursing workforce is becoming even more stretched and hospital leaders are scrambling to find ways to meet the demand despite ongoing nurse turnover and attrition, experts said during an Aug. 29 webinar hosted by the American Hospital Association.
  • Iowa nurse loses license over incident at rehab facility

    The Iowa Board of Nursing revoked a nurse's license after she was accused of sleeping on the job, leaving work without authorization, failing to administer patient medications and being responsible for missing narcotics, the Iowa Capitol Dispatch reported Aug. 31.

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