5-minute read: 6 fundamentals for success from Stuart Levine

How can you help your organization earn top-notch results in 2017?

In a Jan. 24 webinar hosted by Passageways, Stuart Levine, chairman and CEO of international consulting and leadership development company Stuart Levine & Associates, highlighted six strategies for leaders to reap success in the year ahead.

1. Make sure you add value. "When we talk about this, it involves assuming responsibility for your thinking and pushing it up against what you believe to be the direction of your organization," Mr. Levine says. To add value to your organization, Mr. Levine advises thoroughly understanding what's on your boss' dashboard so you can better create your own dashboard and align it with your organization's goals.

2. Communicate up, down, inside and out. Becoming an expert at thorough communication isn't easy. Improve your communication skills by always having candor, thanking others and staying open to other viewpoints. Additionally, Mr. Levine suggests that if something's important, you should say it twice. "In a surgical procedure when they're about to infuse blood, they'll say the blood type twice," Mr. Levine says. "That type of redundancy is crucial."

3. Know how to deliver results. Delivering solid results starts with accountability, which is established at the beginning of every meeting or discussion. Mr. Levine advises leaders to establish a solid agenda prior to the beginning of the meeting. "Make sure you're giving people information in advance that will help them control the conversation," he says. Once the meeting begins, keep the dialogue focused and on track.

4. Conduct yourself and your business with integrity. By treating others with respect and setting a moral example, you're on the right track to keeping your business principled. Most importantly, Mr. Levine suggests surrounding yourself with ethical people. "If you surround yourself with people that you know don't share your values and ethics, frankly, those people put us in jeopardy," he says.

5. Invest in relationships. You can't manage your career or your business' success alone — you need the assistance of others. Mr. Levine advises leaders to recognize employees who are doers and seek out those who are "energy generators" and "A players." This can be difficult, as picking your team is 90 percent of the battle. But in the end, it's worth it. "Always be careful, learn from A players and you'll have a more productive career," he says.

6. Gain perspective. "Frequently you'll see people defined by others," Mr. Levine says. But he notes that setbacks and disappointments can make you stronger. "If you view [setbacks] honestly with yourself, they can help you prepare for future opportunities." While challenges can help you gain perspective, it's pertinent to know what your goals are.

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