Healthcare's staffing crisis and the ASC — 4 Insights from a roundtable discussion

During Becker's 20th Annual Spine, Orthopedic + Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference, economic and human resources experts led a group of ASC leaders in a roundtable discussion about staffing and retention strategies in surgery centers.


Key takeaways:

1. Staffing challenges in healthcare: The roundtable discussion examined the staffing crisis in healthcare, particularly as it relates to anesthesia and nursing. The challenges created by current shortages of healthcare professionals have been compounded by generational shifts and slower population growth. The pandemic further exacerbated these issues, making healthcare one of the hardest-hit industries in terms of recent nationwide workforce shortages.

2. Strategies for adapting and thriving: To address the staffing crisis and adapt to the changing landscape, participants discussed various strategies. One of these strategies is the use of a Talent Portal, a staffing product created by MedHQ specifically for ASCs. The Talent Portal aids in searches for different roles to fit various workforce needs, such as direct-hire, contract-to-hire and contract. The tool provides access to a large pool of candidates and multiple agencies. The program aims to match the unique needs and culture of ASCs while offering technology-driven solutions.

3. Focus on work-life balance and culture: Participants emphasized the importance of work-life balance and fostering a positive culture in attracting and retaining healthcare professionals. Surgery centers can differentiate themselves from hospitals by offering more reasonable patient-to-nurse ratios, flexible scheduling and better work-life balance. Creating a culture that values employee well-being and supports growth opportunities can help attract and retain talent, even in the face of competition from hospitals offering higher salaries.

4. Innovative approaches to talent acquisition: Participants also discussed innovative approaches to talent acquisition, such as contract-to-hire models and training programs for nurses. Contract-to-hire models allow ASCs to assess a candidate's fit and performance before extending a permanent offer, which can be appealing to nurses seeking a change from hospital environments. Training programs that provide opportunities for skill development and career advancement within ASCs can also attract nurses looking for growth opportunities.


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