Cooper Linton, Associate Vice-President at Duke HomeCare and Hospice

Cooper Linton, Associate Vice-President at Duke HomeCare and Hospice, joined the podcast to discuss aspects of healthcare primed for IT disruption, what digital health trends he is currently watching, and more.


Cooper Linton Discusses Healthcare Trends and IT Disruption in Home-Based Care

Cooper Linton, the Associate Vice-President at Duke HomeCare and Hospice, recently joined a podcast to discuss the potential for significant IT disruption in healthcare and what digital health trends he is currently watching.

Exciting Advances in Home-Based Care

Having worked in the home-based care sector since the mid-1990s, Linton is excited about the advances in technology that are allowing for more care to be delivered from home. He believes that there needs to be a reimagining of how home-based care is paid for and compensated, as well as a focus on utilizing current technologies to deliver better care at home.

Challenges of Home Healthcare

Linton discusses the challenges of home healthcare, focusing on workforce development and incorporating technology. He highlights the importance of investing in onboarding, orientation, and precepting for new staff to retain them and create a more efficient system.

Reevaluating the Value Proposition of Home-Based Care

Linton encourages the industry to reevaluate their value proposition and monetize it in ways that don't necessarily rely on reimbursement. By doing so, he believes that the healthcare sector can create a more sustainable model that provides patients with better care and outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Linton is optimistic about the future of healthcare and the potential for innovative technologies to revolutionize the way care is delivered. By embracing change and focusing on the needs of patients, he believes that the industry can create a system that is more efficient, effective, and sustainable.


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This episode aired on 09/10/2022 and can be listened here.


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