Living Like a Leader

The Becker's Hospital Review Living Like a Leader series examines the daily routines of influential decision-makers to offer readers an idea of how they manage their energy, teams and time. Interested in participating in the series? Please contact Alia Paavola at

Living Like a Leader: A day in the life of Dr. Gerold Bepler, CEO of Karmanos Cancer Institute

Gerold_Bepler_MD_PHD.jpg "There are two key things to be a successful leader: No. 1, stay focused on a long-term task and No. 2, trust your reports and delegate work. Do not micromanage, and give them space to be creative. Those items will result in having an engaged leadership team which permeates across the hospital."

Living Like a Leader: A day in the life of Paul Viviano, CEO of Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Paul_larger_pic.jpg"When the pandemic first showed up, I asked our leaders who could do so safely to be present, to be here, be visible and ensure we are leading by example since we are designated as an essential service. There was a lot of pressure to have team members work remotely, but I asked my direct reports to refrain from working from home routinely. I wanted our presence to be felt by the entire team."

Living Like a Leader: A day with Banner Health CEO Peter Fine

Peter_Fine.jpg"As you develop as a leader, learn things that work for you, but ensure that you always demonstrate a degree of sincerity and authenticity. If you try to force a behavioral model that is only what you think a leader should be, then you won't come across as authentic. I've worked as hard as I can to be viewed as an authentic leader."

Living Like a Leader: A day with Providence St. Joseph CEO Dr. Rod Hochman

Rod Hochman, MD"My philosophy is that CEOs do three main things: Communicate, set strategies and hire great people."

Living Like a Leader: A day with Cleveland Clinic Florida CEO Dr. Wael Barsoum

Dr. Wael Barsoum (1).jpg "Great organizations are not really led by a single person. One person is the CEO, but the organization won't become great because of that one person. They become great because of the collective work and commitment of the staff that come to work every day."

Living Like a Leader: A day with LifePoint Health's President and CEO David Dill

DavidDill5x7@300dpiNEW.jpg "I am working on being more effective about scheduling a margin in my calendar for more time to think and explore new ideas. I really admire leaders who have built that margin into their schedules, and it is something I am working to mirror."

Living like a leader: A day with UConn Health CEO Dr. Andrew Agwunobi

AGwunobi 160927b0109 1"The loss of talent is one of the most damaging occurrences that can happen to an organization. It goes without saying that I spend a lot of my time trying to anticipate employees' needs, developing our leaders and working to ensure we retain our staff. It is one of the reasons I am so passionate about driving employee and physician engagement, as well as combating physician burnout."

Living Like a Leader: A day with RWJBarnabas Health's Hospital Division President Thomas Biga

Biga-Tom.jpg "I think it's critical to our well-being to decompress and let things go ... As I'm always telling my kids, you can't obsess over what you can't control. If something doesn't work and you can't control that outcome, you must move on. Otherwise, you get engrossed in what didn't happen and have trouble moving forward."

Living like a leader: A day with Yale New Haven Health's Northeast Medical Group CEO Dr. Prathibha Varkey

  Varkey photo feb 2017.jpg"I prefer to be at the practices where I believe the magic happens instead of in meeting rooms."

Living like a leader: A day with University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics CEO Suresh Gunasekaran

Gunasekaran_Suresh 2018 1a.jpg"I'm a big believer in management by wandering, so I will often leave my office a bit early and pop into different departments on my way to a meeting. I'll often round for 15 to 20 minutes on my way to meetings, because there is always a lot to see, a lot to learn and a great chance to refine my thinking by observing what happens on the front line by talking to patients and staff."

Living like a leader: A day with UnityPoint Health President and CEO Kevin Vermeer

Vermeer_Kevin.jpg"Working at home is a reality of this job, so I'll often play catch-up at night, but I try to keep it reasonable — for my family and myself. If my team members feel compelled to work at home, I encourage them to set limits, too."

Living like a leader: A day with Jeff Welch, CEO of Florida Medical Center and Tenet's Miami-Dade Group

FMC Jeffrey  Welch CEO.jpg"Building energy and camaraderie within your team is so important in healthcare, because we have tough jobs. I always tell people that nobody coming into our building is typically having a good day and it's up to us to make a difference. We should be honored to have that opportunity."

Living Like a Leader: A day with CHI Franciscan CEO Ketul Patel

Ketul 8073a Full.jpg "There's a piece of advice I received from a board chairman when I started my career: to live your life like you're riding an elevator … he told me if you want to be a successful executive, you must live your life in an elevator, so you are connecting at every level of the organization."

Living Like a Leader: A day with Scripps Health CEO Chris Van Gorder

CVG Headshot 2.jpg "Healthcare is always going through a lot of change, and sometimes employees, managers and even physicians think we are making those changes because somebody in administration decided it's the right thing to do. The reality is, we're reacting to what's changing in the marketplace or what we believe will be coming in the marketplace. If we don't adjust fast enough then it will negatively affect our organization and employees."

Living Like a Leader: A day with Adventist Health Southern California Regional President Andrew Jahn

Jahn_Andrew.jpg"I'm firm believer that as leaders, there's certain work that we need to be in the driver's seat conducting. We can't delegate all of it."

Living Like a Leader: A day with Keck Medicine CEO Tom Jackiewicz

Jackiewicz_Tom_Headshot.jpg "I realized over time that being successful as a CEO is to be able to work very quickly and transition quickly from issue to issue."

Living Like a Leader: A day with HealthPartners CEO Andrea Walsh

Andrea Walsh Headshot 2.jpg "I think gratitude and focusing on the little things is really important for leaders. From my vantage point, it's important to focus on things that need to be fixed and where you want to head, and it's important to be appreciative of the things that are going right. We have to find the right balance between those two."

Living like a leader: A day with Methodist Hospital CNO Jane McCurley

Jane McCurley "I do snack rounds at least once a month, where I take some goodies out, visit a floor and just talk to people. I think I'm highly visible and engaged with my frontline team because I recognize their importance to the organization."

Living Like a Leader: A day with OSF HealthCare's Children's Service Line CEO Dr. Divya Joshi

Dr. Joshi_headshot.jpg"Time is a very precious resource. Time enables or disables communication between people, and we all know that leadership is all about communication. The day's schedule has to accommodate the freedom to enable interpersonal communication."

Living like a leader: A day with Albert Wright, CEO of WVU Hospitals and WVU Health System

  AlbertWright.jpg "I think visibility is important, but I think you have to be visible in a way that you're comfortable with. So, I do two things. I do skip-a-level meetings every week, which is when I'll go and I'll meet with the direct report of one of my direct reports at their place of work."

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