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The CFO's guide for sustainable growth in a modern health organization

As margins thin, competition heats up, and consumers are more empowered. Both payers and providers face a strategic imperative to make fundamental changes to their operating model. The CFO’s guide outlines each step in the transformation journey and provides best practices to achieve efficiency, profitability and growth.

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 6 Must Reads on Enriching the Consumer Experience

The healthcare consumer experience encompasses everything from office interactions to actual patient care. Today, providers have the opportunity to use emerging technologies and protocols to deliver quality outcomes and satisfying experiences with a personal touch.

In this e-book titled "6 Must Reads on Enriching the Consumer Experience," you will find six informative articles discussing ways technology solutions and new approaches to patient care can help enrich the healthcare experience. For hospital and health system leaders looking to revitalize their organization's consumer experience, this is a must read. 

Readers will gain insights into numerous topics, including the following:

  •  How health IT is helping turn the tide against sepsis
  • How team-based approaches can optimize stroke care
  • How the rise of consumer technologies is changing the healthcare consumer experience 

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 The Hospital Landscape is Preparing for Digital Interventions — Here's How Your Organization Can Make the Most of Patient-Generated Health Data

The number of remotely monitored patients worldwide hit 7.1 million in 2016. Over the next three years, this figure is estimated to reach 50.2 million.

Remote monitoring offers patients with various chronic and post-acute conditions the ability to collect and transmit relevant health and wellness data to providers, who in turn can provide data-driven treatment assessments and behavior recommendations. However, despite a substantial value proposition, providers often struggle to implement robust virtual care programs.

To investigate why, Validic, the leading platform for patient-generated health data integration and analysis, partnered with Becker's Hospital Review to conduct a survey on providers' attitudes toward the current and future states of remote monitoring and virtual care delivery.

In this e-book, readers will learn to:

  • Overcome common technological, financial and personnel concerns that providers cite as key barriers to implementing remote monitoring services

  • Assess technological infrastructure to promote interoperability while ensuring data is only delivered to physicians once it is actionable

  • Evaluate how remote monitoring programs will help them meet new incentives under emerging financial models

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7 must-reads on value-driven health IT

In this e-book titled "Supporting excellent care delivery: Identifying trends in the cost of care," you will find seven informative articles outlining where IT solutions have led to better outcomes and reduced costs as well as big opportunities for improvement. This is a must-read for hospital and health system leaders to learn:From EHR implementation to revenue cycle automation, hospitals and health systems are making large investments in health IT that can improve care quality as well as lower costs. There have been success stories at institutions across the country, but health IT has also failed patients.

  • How a critical access hospital reduced its accounts receivable by 40 percent
  • The impact EHR implementation can have on hospital finances
  • What to expect in terms of interoperability in the future

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10 Must-Read Articles at the Intersection of Healthcare Finance, Supply Chain, HCM and Data Analytics

Various industry headwinds, such as the rise in patients covered by high deductible health plans, have contributed to increased margin pressure at hospitals and health systems around the nation. For healthcare organizations to maintain fiscal health, it's important for leaders to adapt and find areas of operations ripe for costsavings.

First, leaders need to gain a deeper understanding of the true cost of care at their organization, which has historically been a challenge. Hospitals and health system operations have long been stifled by data siloes. These information barriers often result in ineffective collections, supply chain waste and miscommunication across an organization. These barriers need a wrecking ball — enter data analytics.

 The following e-book includes 10 must-read articles offering insights into financial, supply chain and human capital analytics, opportunities for savings with predictive analytics and recent news involving Workday, a leading provider of self-service analytics solutions for healthcare providers.

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Healthcare's Hidden Savings

boa cover

Hospital and health system executives are wrestling with an uncomfortable reality: Expenses are outpacing revenue and margins are shrinking. The factors fueling this trend are varied and complex, ranging from merger and acquisition activity to provider shortages and regulatory changes. While these external pressures are largely outside of leadership's control, health systems are not without recourse.

Leading hospital and health system CFOs are responding to external financial pressures with internal reassessments of their organization's cost structure. This e-book takes a closer look at hospital and health system cost structures to discuss opportunities for savings, the role of data in identifying savings, and how organizations balance cost structure realignment efforts while maintaining a focus on innovation. The content is based on results of the Bank of America-Becker's survey and a roundtable discussion with two hospital and health system CFOs and one healthcare strategy expert.

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Enterprise Imaging – Total Cost of Ownership

The current medical imaging landscape is complex, dynamic and demands attention for effective management. Moreover, the lack of a unified imaging platform to streamline patient data access across the enterprise further complicates providers’ objectives to provide better care at a lower cost. Enterprise imaging solutions can bridge the gap by assuring true interoperability among disparate clinical data repositories. Regardless of the size of the facility, providers are searching for an enterprise imaging solution that meets both current and future needs.

Novarad eBook Image

Download the eBook and discover:

  • Cost containment strategies
  • The often unforeseen complexities of imaging
  • Considerations regarding enterprise imaging total cost of ownership


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ebook boaThe Quest for Sustainability and the Evolution of the CFO

Even the nation's largest, most-established hospitals and health systems have experienced revenue declines in recent years. The financial squeeze is the result of numerous pressures, including the rise of value-based care and healthcare consumerism.

The nature of the hospital CFO role is evolving to meet these new challenges. This Becker's Healthcare e-book examines the pivotal positions these leaders play in the push for financial sustainability. The following content is based on the results of a Becker's Healthcare and Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey of financial leaders and a roundtable discussion with three hospital and health system CFOs and one healthcare strategy expert.

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BoA e book imageThe Road to Financial Sustainability for Hospital CFOs: Strategies to Achieve Permanence in a Changing Market

This e-book, based on survey responses from financial executives and a live roundtable discussion with three hospital and health system CFOs and a healthcare financial strategy SVP, discusses financial sustainability in healthcare. You will read CFOs' perspectives on how they strategically invest for long- and short-term gains, their role as financial stewards to the community and how they're partnering with other healthcare organizations to stay relevant to their patients.

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CFO's Fatal Flaw: Survey Finds 9 of 10 Hospital Executives Don't Know Their Cost

A recent survey of 100 hospital and healthcare executives conducted by Strata Decision Technology and Becker' Healthcare found 90 percent of respondents don't know their cost to provide services. This e-book discusses the need for advanced cost accounting in hospital systems.

In this readers will learn: 


  • Three common issues in hospital cost accounting that must be addressed 
  • Key drivers behind the shift to advanced cost accounting
  • Strategic benefits of advanced cost accounting applications 

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The Future of Learning: New Technologies Influencing Clinical Development


New technology is starting to have a dramatic impact on how we educate and develop our healthcare workforce. Technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence have until recently only been associated with gaming and other types of entertainment, but their influence in healthcare is rapidly gaining traction.  In this eBook, HealthStream takes a look at some of these emerging technologies and products and the influence they may have in your organization in the not-too-distant future. You won’t believe how many exciting new possibilities are just over the horizon.

Future of Learning Thumbnail

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CoverThe Partnership Playbook for Hospital CFOs

This e-book, based on survey responses from financial executives and a roundtable discussion with three hospital and health system CFOs and a healthcare strategy expert, discusses clinical and nonclinical partnerships. You will read CFOs' perspectives on how they identify the "right" collaborative partner, considerations for optimum negotiations and agreements, how to best assess a working relationship and broad lessons about partnerships and affiliations irrespective of market, sector or size.

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The Management of Healthcare Expenses in Hospitals and Health Systems 

BoA Ebook

This Becker’s Healthcare e-book, based on survey responses from financial executives and a roundtable discussion with four hospital and health system CFOs and a healthcare benefits expert, discusses several strategies healthcare organizations are deploying to better manage their healthcare expenses. 

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making-a-merger-count-cover-imageMaking a Merger Count: Hospital CFOs and Post-M&A Change Management

This E-book, based on survey responses from financial executives and a roundtable discussion with five hospital and health system CFOs and a healthcare finance expert, highlights the challenges and best practices around operational change management after a merger, acquisition or affiliation. CFOs touch on real-life lessons learned after acquiring or affiliating with other hospitals and health systems, including insight as to what types of plans they enact the day a deal closes, how they weigh decisions about right-sizing and how they define being a good partner.

To read and hear the CFOs' insights and download the E-book, click here.


ebook cover websitePicking Teams and Choosing Partners: How Hospital and Health System CFOs are Emerging as Leaders in M&A Strategyicking Teams and Choosing Partners: How Hospital and Health System CFOs are Emerging as Leaders in M&A Strategy

In an exclusive roundtable, five hospital and health system CFOs and two healthcare finance experts discuss the consolidation pressures CFOs are experiencing, the types of affiliations they are entertaining or pursuing, and the traits they want most in a potential partner. Learn how CFOs are now increasingly taking on a greater leadership role in evaluating potential affiliate or integrating several organizations.

Picking Teams and Choosing Partners: How Hospital and Health System CFOs are Emerging as Leaders in M&A Strategy





















Enterprise Imaging – Total Cost of Ownership







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