The Future Of Medical Billing Automation With Jorie Healthcare

Jorie Healthcare offers a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that routes your claims data through an intelligent and secure workflow. The RPA platform lets you operate more efficiently, while allowing you to focus on your patients and their needs.

“Initially, we focused our efforts on collecting outstanding balances. After the success we experienced with the solution, we expanded to include appointment reminders and clinical reminders for important routine procedures,” said Anita Singh CEO of Jorie

Jorie Healthcare Partners knows healthcare and occupies a uniquely interconnected position at the center of the healthcare industry. An inseparable part of today’s healthcare billing ecosystem, with leading edge technology that's driving transformation with our highly acclaimed A.I. infused Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Elevate your RCM efficiencies with 250% faster throughput and 100% accuracy all backed by a highly skilled workforce of 1200+ resources. Applied Intelligence, Better Insight, Accelerated Efficiencies with Jorie Healthcare Partners. Visit our booth for a demo or schedule one on our website.

 “Our Priority was to streamline and clean up the overall AR to ensure actions pending like Write Off, Patient Balance, Insurance Balance can be clearly separated for our bots to take bulk actions while our bots were ensuring all new claims are managed within 60days for hitting our target of Virtual Zero > 120 days AR” said Jatin Malhotra, Vice President of Jorie

Our AI powered Jorie bot is the future of the healthcare experience. The Jorie bot manages your revenue cycle, optimizes customer experience, and empowers your team to manage their day-to-day activities with less stress. Jorie Healthcare is an 'outcome sourcing' company, providing practice and financial management services to the healthcare industry.  As a global service, technology, and analytics leader, we are committed to optimizing value for our clients and their businesses. The company was created to provide excellence in revenue capture and physician support within the healthcare space.

We help our clients improve their financial, operational, and clinical performance across the organization to sustain long-term, measurable results. This positions provider of all kinds to succeed in today’s challenging and rapidly changing reimbursement environment. Through comprehensive dashboard analytics, financial and clinical data becomes available in real-time, allowing for accurate reporting, which creates a path for leadership to make the most informed decisions. Bringing standardization to your practice ensures consistent patient experience. Creating repeatable practices within your organization improves the quality of care, increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.

According to the hospital PFS Director – “Jorie Healthcare’s Business Reengineering Program has proven to be a cost-effective solution to delivering timely patient communications and is flexible enough to support a variety of specialties. With personal, proactive customer service, Jorie Health Partners provides quick implementation and ongoing support”

With our full outsourcing, we can help reduce the risk for hospitals and present them with the most opportunity to lower costs to collect. A 'try before you buy' model before full outsource. This model provides more options for customization yet allows revenue cycle managers to maintain jurisdiction overall operations.  We take care of systems on the back end that hospitals may not have the bandwidth to perform. By simultaneously reducing the cost to collect and increasing your total collections, the organization vastly improves its financial standing.  The result is improved margins.  This found money increases the capacity to care for patients within your community.

Since implementing Jorie’s business process outcome sourcing services, the hospital has had a 25% increase in daily payments and a 20% decrease in debt write-offs as Jorie used its A.I BOT technology to get patient eligibility verification status and pre-authorization for procedures that were needed 72hrs in advance before each patient visit. In addition to better assist the physicians Jorie implemented medical scribes for capturing doctors’ notes that increased documentation efficiencies and helped capture accurate procedure codes that significantly added to the revenue stream and less denials from the insurances

As your healthcare organization grows, an investment in staffing and infrastructure is necessary to sustain quality care delivery. When infrastructure can scale seamlessly, leadership is free to drive the organization forward without unnecessary delays. By converting variable costs into fixed costs, the financial health of the organization improves, allowing for accurate growth forecasting and spend.

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