Accelerate Your Analytics Journey with INsights

Healthcare organizations are drowning in data. There is more data generated per patient in today’s modern healthcare environment than at any other time in history. It can be challenging to go through a large amount of information and determine what is truly important from what isn’t. According to past surveys, data scientists spend 70 to 80 percent of their time on preparation tasks, such as loading and cleansing data. This significantly reduces their ability to be consultants and storytellers of their organizational data.

Healthcare organizations are under growing pressure to produce the best patient outcomes while still delivering high-quality care at a low cost. This is due in part to the push for value-based care, which links payments to the quality of care delivered and awards clinicians for effectiveness.

The value-based care movement has solidified the future of data in healthcare. Data analytics can help patients receive more personalized care. For example, patient information from electronic health records (EHRs) and clinical notes is used in healthcare data analytics. The combination of these different data sources allows clinicians to diagnose and cure ailments earlier and in ways not leveraged before.

As a result, healthcare organizations embarking on their value-based care journey have made every effort to accumulate as much data as possible. It’s been assumed that more data means more useful information. However, this line of thought has led many healthcare organizations down a path where they are flooded with information they can’t harness. It’s time to evaluate your organization. What do you see as the greatest barriers for producing cleansed, standardized and risk-adjusted healthcare data to provide actionable insights?

Quantity Doesn’t Equal Quality

Clinicians must be able to make clinically sound and evidence-based decisions in this ever-changing world of healthcare. In order to do so, adequate data analysis and delivery of actionable information to the clinician is required. Identified actionable insights then need to be delivered directly into the clinical workflow at the point of care.

The ability of healthcare organizations to leverage data will be critical to their success in value-based care. The PINC AITM clinical intelligence solutions are helping to ensure that providers achieve that goal. Using these solutions, providers can uncover hidden patterns and make connections that might otherwise be missed. Predictive modeling can identify patients most likely to become high risk and identify those at risk for developing chronic conditions. The PINC AITM INsights solution assists healthcare organizations in maximizing the value of their data. In order for the analytics strategy to be successful it must:

  • Start with clean, standardized data.
  • Utilize industry standard, non-proprietary tools.

This, and so much more, is feasible with a comprehensive analytics solution like the PINC AITM INsights solution.

Introducing INsights

INsights is a fresh approach to data liberation. The solution gives users the ability to access mission critical clinical, financial, and operational data from a central framework. Data can be integrated from various sources and external data can be uploaded to create or add new datasets.

From a single access point, users can merge data streams, simplify, query and visualize data. To reduce the burden of data preparation and speed the time to advanced and integrated analytics, cleansed and standardized data is presented in a radically simplified data structure.

INsights eliminates the need to learn proprietary tools or query language with the use of industry standard tools. With INsights, users have the ability to choose how to visualize content using their existing business intelligence (BI) tools or they can leverage the BI tool within PINC AITM. Users can access a library of curated content from Premier and other healthcare systems or create customized queries to fit their organization’s unique needs without learning to code.

INsights drives one of the core tenets of clinical intelligence, to liberate data and simplify the analytics journey. Early pilot-testing organizations leveraging INsights used the solution to create analytics that assess and measure a host of quality improvement efforts, including patient safety indicators, lab order turnaround times, length of stay by specific conditions and time to treatment metrics.

Effectively leveraging your data leads to improved clinical outcomes, reduced waste, increased cost savings and optimized operational performance.

The Bottom Line

Knowing what data is available, having access to it and then being able to put it to good use at the right time allows healthcare organizations to provide higher quality care. Implementing a robust analytics program can seem like a daunting task but there are rewards to be had along the road.

The benefits of a robust analytics program? Patient centric care. Accurate, actionable insights. Informed clinicians. Improved outcomes.

Learn more about how you can put your data to good use with the PINC AITM Clinical Intelligence Solutions.

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