Top pharmacist-recommended health products for 2017

U.S. News & World Report — in collaboration with Pharmacy Times — on Tuesday released its 2017 list of the top health products recommended by pharmacists.

Pharmacy Times, an industry trade publication, annually polls thousands of pharmacists nationwide on their preferred over-the-counter health products to develop an OTC Guide for readers. The publication has partnered with U.S. News since 2012 to also share these rankings with consumers.

U.S. News shares recommendations for all brand name products that achieved at least 1 percent of pharmacists' votes. Products with the most votes within a specific category earned the "No. 1 Pharmacist Recommended" designation, according to the report. Only brand name products are included in the recommendations, even when generics may be available, notes U.S. News.

Here are the most recommended health products for 13 categories.

Cough, cold and allergy
Cold remedies: Cepacol
Oral antihistamines: Claritin
Oral decongestants: Sudafed

Diabetes health
Diabetic neuropathy Products: Capzasin
Diabetic multivitamins: Nature Made
Oral glucose products: Insta-Glucose

Blood sampling devices/lancets: OneTouch
Blood pressure monitors: Omron
Peak flow meters: Omron

Eyes, ears, nose and throat
Contact lens solutions: Opti-Free
Saline nasal moisturizers: Ocean
Sore throat liquids, sprays and strips: Chloraseptic

First aid
Adhesive bandages: Band-Aid
Topical antibiotics and antiseptics: Neosporin
Sun burn relief: Solarcaine

Oral care
Cold sore treatments: Abreva
Toothpaste: Crest
Therapeutic mouthwashes/oral rinses: Listerine

Pain and inflammation
Headache products: Advil
Migraine headache products: Excedrin Migraine
Anti-inflammatory products: Advil

Children's cough and cold combinations: Children's Dimetapp
Infant formula: Enfamil
Children's sore throat products: Chloraseptic Kids Sore Throat Spray

Stomach and GI
Upset stomach remedies: Pepto-Bismol
Antacids: Tums
Nausea remedies: Emetrol

Sunscreen: Neutrogena
Lip balms: Carmex
Acne products: Neutrogena

Vitamins and Supplements
Nutritional supplements: Ensure
Multivitamins: Centrum
Prenatal vitamins: One A Day Prenatal

Women's Health
Menstrual pain relief: Midol Complete
Pregnancy testing: First Response
Urinary pain relief: AZO Standard

More Health Products
Sleep aids: Unisom
Smoking cessation aids: NicoDerm CQ Patch
Aspirin for heart health: Bayer

To view the full ratings, click here.

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