Today's Top 20 Clinical Leadership Articles
  • Chan Zuckerberg Institute, 3 universities aim to speed disease detection with new research hub

    A new biomedical research hub is coming to New York City, with the ultimate goal of bioengineering immune cells capable of stopping a disease in its tracks. 
  • Massachusetts allocates $18M to cover nursing student costs

    Nursing students and pre-nursing students enrolled in Massachusetts community colleges will not pay out-of-pocket for their education. For the first time, the state's scholarship fund for this effort has funding to cover 100% of currently enrolled community college nursing students for the year, according to an Oct. 17 news release.
  • Why human creativity is essential to healthcare safety

    Integrating human factors is essential for the future of healthcare safety and sustainability, but many systems are working against the system instead of toward it, an op-ed piece in Science Direct written by five physicians said.
  • How do care-at-home programs fit into your hospital's strategy?

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  • Flu activity 66% lower than 2022, Walgreens data shows

    As of Oct. 19, flu activity in the U.S. is down 66 percent compared to last year, marking a more gradual start to flu season that is closer to the pre-pandemic norm, according to new data from Walgreens' Flu Index.
  • The role OHSU created to manage patient transfers

    In 2021, Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland created the intake hospitalist role, a dedicated position to oversee patient transfers. In the years since, the academic health center has seen patient safety and physician experience improvements, according to a case study published Oct. 18 in NEJM Catalyst.
  • Pig organ transplants inching closer to human trials: 4 notes

    Several reports about successful pig organ transplant procedures have emerged in 2023, continuing to lay the foundation for eventual human clinical trials and possibly a future in which xenotransplants become the norm for patients in need of a vital organ. 
  • 4 top predictors of nurse satisfaction

    An analysis of Glassdoor reviews from current and former nurses revealed there are four key factors most influential in shaping nurses' overall job satisfaction: compensation, workload, toxic culture and organizational support. 
  • Surgical gloves: A vital strategy in the battle against HAIs

    Healthcare-associated infections spiked over the last few years, and proper glove use is vital to help stamp out HAIs. Get tips for picking the right gloves and adhering to best practices here.
  • Patients more likely to survive surgeries at US News-ranked hospitals

    Patients — especially those living in poverty — see better surgical outcomes when treated at a hospital ranked by U.S. News & World Report, according to a recent study in the American Journal of Surgery. 
  • This specialty could reduce healthcare spending

    Primary care providers are an important factor in improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare spending, but the system is showing cracks, The Washington Post reported Oct. 17.
  • VUMC researchers create model to predict pediatric patients with high blood clot risk

    Researchers at Nashville, Tenn.-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center developed an artificial intelligence model to identify pediatric patients who are at high risk of developing blood clots. While the model was shown to be accurate in identifying those at highest risk, physicians were reluctant to follow the accompanying recommendation, according to findings published Oct. 13 in JAMA Network Open. 
  • How to prevent surgical fires, per Joint Commission

    The Joint Commission recently updated its 20-year-old guidance on preventing surgical fires and burns, the organization said Oct. 18. 
  • Former workers accuse Saint Luke's of ignoring sterilization issues

    Two former employees of Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City (Mo.) allege the hospital disregarded concerns of rusted and broken equipment, the use of homemade medical instruments and a pest problem, The Kansas City Star reported Oct. 18. 
  • The highest-paying travel nurse specialties

    Intensive care registered nurses are the highest-paid travel nurse specialty, an Indeed report found.
  • Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing debuts new specialty

    Eligible nurses can now become certified in burn nursing through the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing. 
  • Inmate escapes North Carolina hospital in handcuffs

    An inmate escaped from Raleigh, N.C.-based WakeMed Oct. 17 while still wearing handcuffs, WRAL News reported.
  • South faces growing threat of yellow fever resurgence, experts say

    The spread of mosquito-transmitted viruses is accelerating in the Southern U.S., stirring concerns about the potential return of yellow fever, two infectious disease experts wrote in an Oct. 14 article for The New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Patient dies by suicide in Pennsylvania hospital

    A man was found dead by suicide after he sneaked a gun into H. John Heinz III VA Medical Center in O'Hara, Pa., Trib Live reported Oct. 16.
  • A new long COVID-19 theory emerges: Penn Medicine study

    Remnants of the virus that causes COVID-19 may linger in the gut, ultimately causing a reduction in circulating levels of serotonin. This may explain a number of long COVID-19 symptoms, such as brain fog and memory problems, according to new research from scientists at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
  • Keck Hospital doubles down on cutting nurse managers' workload

    What are the tasks only a nurse manager can do? That is the question Keck Hospital of USC in Los Angeles set out to answer when it had all nurse managers and assistant nurse managers meet with the chief nursing officer to list everything they are responsible for on a given day. 
  • New York system to cut contract nurses by 1,500

    New York City Health + Hospitals plans to cut 1,500 contract registered nurse positions by the second half of 2025.

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