Julie Gauderman, Associate Director Nurse Anesthesia Program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

This episode features Julie Gauderman, Associate Director Nurse Anesthesia Program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. Here, she discusses her background & current role, challenges surrounding staffing shortages & burnout, innovation in the healthcare education world, and more.


Interview with Julie Gauderman, Associate Director of Nurse Anesthesia Program

In this episode, we sit down with Julie Gauderman, Associate Director of Nurse Anesthesia Program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. Gauderman discusses her background and current role, as well as the challenges surrounding staffing shortages and burnout in the healthcare industry. She also sheds light on the importance of innovation in healthcare education and how it can help overcome these challenges.

The Importance of Addressing Staffing Shortages and Burnout

Gauderman discusses how staffing shortages have become a major issue in the healthcare industry, leading to burnout and other negative effects on healthcare professionals. She emphasizes the need for healthcare institutions to address these issues through innovative approaches, such as flexible scheduling and increased support for healthcare workers.

Innovation in Healthcare Education

Gauderman also touches on the importance of innovation in healthcare education, highlighting how new teaching methods and technologies can help prepare healthcare professionals for the challenges of the industry. She mentions Saint Mary's University of Minnesota's approach to incorporating innovative educational practices into its Nurse Anesthesia Program, such as simulation training and distance learning.

The Role of Healthcare Professionals in Educating the Public

Gauderman emphasizes the important role that healthcare professionals play in educating the public on health issues and promoting healthy behaviors. She discusses the importance of clear and effective communication between healthcare professionals and the public, as well as the need for healthcare professionals to stay up to date on the latest health trends and research.

Final Thoughts

Gauderman concludes the interview by emphasizing the need for continued innovation and collaboration in the healthcare industry, in order to address the many challenges facing healthcare professionals and improve the quality of care for patients.

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This episode aired on 01/19/2023 and can be listened here.

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