Living Like a Leader

The Becker's Hospital Review Living Like a Leader series examines the daily routines of influential decision-makers to offer readers an idea of how they manage their energy, teams and time. Interested in participating in the series? Please contact Alia Paavola at

Living Like a Leader: A day with of U of Rochester's Associate CIO Robert Evangelista

image001.png "The most rewarding part of the day is when I am heading home, and I know things are working as designed. It's knowing that the people and staff are in a good place and I'm leaving the university and medical center in a better place than where we started."

Living like a leader: A day with Dr. Linda Hofler, SVP-nurse executive at Vidant Health

Hofler-Linda_04_HR.jpg "There aren't really typical days when you're a clinical leader in a 974-bed hospital. There's really no such thing as 'typical.'"

Living like a leader: A day with Tenet's Northern California CMO Dr. Gabrielle Gaspar

Gabrielle Gaspar"The needs of patients don't really fit into an eight-hour day, and the responsibility we have as leaders doesn't either. Leadership is largely about communication, and it doesn't fit neatly into a workday, especially in a patient care environment." 

Living like a leader: A day with Adventist Health chief clinical officer Dr. Hoda Asmar

hoda asmar "The most rewarding part of my day is usually at 8:45 a.m., when I hear a report of all zeros on the five safety metrics we focus on." 

Living like a leader: A day with Children's National Health System CEO Dr. Kurt Newman

Kurt Newman"When I became CEO, which was not in my career plan, I was chief of surgery. The executive suite was on the fifth floor, and I felt that that didn't necessarily fit with my style. So I moved my office down beside the cafeteria, right in the center of the hospital."

Living like a leader: A day with AHA chair elect and Atlantic Health System CEO Brian Gragnolati

brian gragnolati"The way the AHA works — you spend a year as chair elect, then you spend a year as the chair, and finally you spend a year as the past chair. The time obligation is pretty significant and it's not just the travel piece, it's participating in a lot of calls and making sure you're staying on top of the issues we're facing as an industry. In my year as chair elect, I'm on the road probably two to three times a month."

Living like a leader: A day with Cleveland Clinic CEO Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic

tomislav mihaljevic"I'm an early bird, so I try to get to bed on time because having enough sleep is important. That is something I've learned as an executive. As a leader you meet hundreds and hundreds of people a day, and every interaction you have with folks is being measured and perceived differently. These conversations may be just one conversation out of dozens and dozens in a day for me, but to the person I'm speaking with it may be the most important conversation they will have in an entire year."  

Living like a leader: A day with CHI CEO Kevin Lofton

kevin lofton"When I do meet in person with my direct reports, I hold what are called performance management meetings where we cover a wide range of topics. We each come in with an agenda and after every meeting I personally type up a summary including to-do lists, what's next for them and timeframes. It's a way we stay connected and clear on what was said in the meeting and it cuts down miscommunications."

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