The 'potential is mind-blowing': How hospitals use ChatGPT for marketing

Health systems are using generative artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT to assist in creating marketing materials, though human staffers still review the writing for accuracy.

Morgantown, W.Va.-based WVU Medicine, for instance, is employing the technology to draft routine web content, increasing efficiency and saving time for providers.

"ChatGPT's initial draft, however, is just a starting point, one that our professional writers carefully review and edit before sharing with the clinical subject matter expert, who verifies the accuracy and ensures we add any necessary customized differentiators," Anthony Condia, the health system's chief marketing and communications officer, told Becker's. "Having that first draft in hand is especially helpful given how busy our providers are and the limits they have on their time to meet for an initial discovery session."

New Orleans-based LCMC Health is turning to generative AI to assist in creating blog posts, articles and e-newsletters, analyze market research, and draft internal content such as job descriptions.

"While AI can automate and enhance many marketing tasks, it's important to ensure that the responses generated align with LCMC Health's brand voice and values," said Suzie Daly, director of consumer insights at the health system. "The LCMC Health team carefully reviews and improves all deliverables to maintain brand voice, accuracy and relevance."

Other health systems are still exploring the new technology. "We are currently in the experimentation versus adoption phase of ChatGPT and generative AI," said Stephanie Hogarth, vice president and chief marketing officer of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "While the potential is mind-blowing and we see many exciting applications throughout the marketing ecosystem, there's still a lot to learn first to ensure its safe and appropriate use."

Penn State Health is also testing the use of large language models for its marketing operations. 

"We think it has plenty of potential to quickly and efficiently generate first drafts of messaging for subjects ranging from certain public announcements to operational communications and internal alerts," said Sean Young, the Hershey, Pa.-based health system's senior vice president and chief marketing officer. "As with all content — whether produced by people or AI — it's vital to have effective oversight, proofreading and editing processes in place. It's not simply 'plug and play' automation."

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