How do Physicians Feel About Their EMRs? 18 Statistics

How satisfied are physicians in practice or clinic settings with an electronic medical record? Researchers from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., conducted a survey to find the majority of physicians pleased with the EMR's effect on communication with patients and staff, but not completely satisfied with all of the technology's capabilities.  

Percentages reflect the number of survey respondents who agree with the statement. The remainder of survey respondents express a "neutral/disagree" response in the survey. The survey was conducted at an adult ambulatory primary care and urgent care clinic in an academic hospital. The survey pool consisted of roughly 132 providers and clinic employees.   

1. I can develop a synopsis of a patient faster — 66 percent.
2. New results for patients are available to me sooner — 86 percent.
3. When a patient calls on the telephone, I can answer his/her questions faster — 93 percent.

4. Documents are contained in the correct patient's chart more often — 73 percent.
5. Documents are more legible — 88 percent.
6. Individual patient records are more complete — 68 percent.

7. It takes less effort to research web-based literature — 59 percent.
8. It takes less effort to review a patient's medical history — 86 percent.
9. It takes less effort to communicate with my staff — 88 percent.

Outside access to system
10. I like the ability to access my message basket while I am away from clinic — 84 percent.
11. I like the ability to access new results when I am away from clinic — 82 percent.
12. The new system intrudes into my life when I am away from clinic in an unwelcome way — 20 percent.
13. I value the ability to access the system from home — 80 percent.
14. The new system makes it easy for me to look up a patient's past medical history when I am at home — 83 percent.

15. The messaging in Starpanel [a software application] allows me to respond more quickly to communication with my staff concerning patients — 93 percent.
16. Sending and receiving messages in my clinic is now more convenient — 90 percent.
17. When I send a message now, it is available to the intended recipient faster — 88 percent.
18. There is more effective communication between attendings and residents — 50 percent.         

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