Google switches health gears — Who's leading what now

Google is switching up its healthcare strategy since announcing its dismantling of Google Health, according to a Sept. 15 Insider report.

After Google Health chief David Feinberg, MD, was named CEO of Cerner, Google said it was dissolving its dedicated health division. Here are the 20 leaders now pioneering Google's healthcare efforts.


1. Karen DeSalvo, MD, chief health officer. Dr. Salvo is Google's top health chief. She oversees its global healthcare efforts. She also guided Google's pandemic response.
2. Garth Graham, director and global head of healthcare and public health partnerships at YouTube. Dr. Graham works with public health experts to create and promote accurate health content on the video platform.
3. Michael Howell, chief clinical officer and deputy chief health officer. Mr. Howell leads a team of physicians who advise on Google's products and policies.
4. Cristian Liu, head of strategy and partnerships in health. Mr. Liu works on developing healthcare strategy.

Fitbit, Google's health and fitness tracker

5. Eric Friedman, vice president of research and co-founder of Fitbit. Mr. Friedman leads research and development for wearable technology and algorithms.
6. Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions. Ms. McDonoughleads Fitbit's health solution team and partners with payers, health systems and employers on health and wellness solutions.
7. James Park, vice president, general manager and co-founder of Fitbit. Mr. Park manages over the Fitbit team.
8. Shwetak Patel, director of health technologies for Fitbit research. Mr. Patel worked with Google to develop mobile health sensors, such as heart rate monitors. Now, he is part of Fitbit to create innovative wearable technology. He wants the health data generated from phones and wearables to be useful to the broader medical system, and ideally, result in personalized insights for each user. 

Care Studio, Google's clinical search tool that integrates with EHRs

9. Paul Muret, VP and general manager of Care Studio. Mr. Muret used to lead Google Health's product division. Now, he oversees a unit working on clinical tools.
10. Anurag Agarwal, VP of engineering of Care Studio. Mr. Agarwal leads the team that develops Care Studio.
11. Karthik Rajan, director of engineering at Care Studio. Mr. Rajan oversees Care Studio and is working on commercializing Google's clinical products.
12. Charles DeShazer, MD, director of clinical products. Dr. DeShazer oversees clinical development for Care Studio.

Health Journeys, Google Search for health-related content

13. Hema Budaraju, general manager of Health Journeys. Mr. Budaraju's team focuses on helping users of Google Search get accurate health information and healthcare providers.

Google Cloud, a suite of cloud computing services

14. Aashima Gupta, global head of healthcare solutions at Google Cloud. She works with health systems to find technology that can improve patient experience and overall healthcare delivery.
15. Joe Miles, managing director of healthcare and life sciences at Google Cloud. Mr. Miles determines what Google Cloud has to offer and develops it for healthcare and life sciences companies.
16. Viviana Neilley, interoperability lead of healthcare and life sciences at Google Cloud. Ms. Neilley leads Google's team for healthcare data. She helped the tech giant secure a partnership with Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic, which develops algorithms, digital technologies and more.
17. Chris Sakalosky, managing director of U.S. healthcare and life sciences at Google Cloud. Mr. Sakalosky leads a team that formulates and oversees partnerships with health systems, including Nashville, Tenn.-based HCA Healthcare.

Research, innovation and artificial intelligence

18. Katherine Chou, director of research and innovations. Ms. Chou oversees the development of products that use artificial intelligence for healthcare.
19. Greg Corrado, PhD, the health of Health AI. Dr. Corrado oversees healthcare products. He also co-founded a deep-learning AI team, Google Brain.
20. Lily Peng, MD, product manager. Dr. Peng leads the product management team for medical imaging and diagnostics. Dr. Peng's team works on algorithms and deep learning to classify skin conditions, detect diseases and more. 

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