10 career goals for CIOs in 2022

CIOs looking to advance their careers in 2022 must choose goals that resonate with them, a CIO article reported Jan. 17.

CIO listed 10 ideas CIOs can implement for their personal development:


1. Don't be afraid to implement adventurous ideas

Aim to implement at least one of your most adventurous ideas; this will test how you navigate and achieve goals that may seem impossible.


2. Move your sustainability efforts forward

Determine your organization's sustainability agenda and how you can reduce your emissions. Ensure your digital transformations are reducing emissions and not increasing them.


3. Implement new technology

As technology evolves, emerges and improves, determine what your organization may want to incorporate by trying out these technologies for yourself. You will then be able to determine what benefits they may provide.


4. Incorporate a new analyst firm or coverage area

Try out a new analyst firm or new coverage area. This can provide a fresh perspective, new advice and valuable experience.


5. Make more allies among fellow executives

Build allies with your peers in the C-suite so you can understand their goals and aid them in success.

6. Be knowledgeable about your organization's finances

Share your organization's financial standing with your staff to show how their contributions contribute to the bigger picture.


7. Collaborate with HR

Work more closely with your human resources department to understand who your new candidates are, what candidates you're looking to hire and what kind of inclusivity efforts your company is enacting.

8. Collaborate with your marketing team

Communicate with your marketing team about how to ensure your internal practices are just as good as your external practices.

Set goals for IT teams and see which teams you'd like to nominate for awards in 2022.

Provide your marketing teams with digital tools.


9. Participate in IT associations or special industry associations

Network with others in similar organizations and businesses.This will help provide insights, ideas and knowledge about diversification.


10. Start to build on your personal brand

Look to determine what your personal goals and narratives are this year. 

Work on how you will achieve that personal goal and how you will leave your mark on your leadership position.


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