The most-Googled disease in each state

One thing people have in common throughout the U.S. is how often they Google search HPV, according to TermLife2Go.

The frequency of searches for HPV far surpasses searches for the country's most deadly disease (heart disease), which was among the most common searches only in Maine. 

TermLife2Go, an independent agency that researches life insurance companies, used Google Trends to compile a list of the most-Googled disease in each state based on search popularity.

Here is the list of each state and its most-Googled disease:

Alabama: AIDS
Alaska: Asthma, stroke and liver disease
Arizona: HPV
Arkansas: HPV
California: HPV
Colorado: Asthma
Connecticut: Asthma
Delaware: Liver disease
Florida: Cancer and HPV
Georgia: HPV
Hawaii: Diabetes
Idaho: Celiac disease
Illinois: Relapsing polychondritis
Indiana: Diabetes and HPV
Iowa: Diabetes
Kansas: Celiac disease
Kentucky: Emphysema and asthma
Louisiana: AIDS
Maine: Heart disease, Ebola virus and Lyme disease
Maryland: HPV
Massachusetts: Alzheimer's
Michigan: HPV
Minnesota: Epilepsy
Mississippi: AIDS and multiple sclerosis
Missouri: Colitis
Montana: Rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease
Nebraska: Scleroderma
Nevada: HPV
New Hampshire: Celiac disease
New Jersey: Colitis
New Mexico: Diabetes
New York: Cancer, HPV, colitis and Chron's disease
North Carolina: HPV
North Dakota: Liver disease
Ohio: HPV
Oklahoma: Lupus
Oregon: AIDS
Pennsylvania: HPV
Rhode Island: HPV
South Carolina: Scleroderma
South Dakota: Diabetes
Tennessee: Asthma
Texas: HPV
Utah: Celiac disease
Vermont: Alzheimer's
Virginia: HPV
Washington: HPV
West Virginia: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis
Wisconsin: Diabetes and celiac disease
Wyoming: Pulmonary hypertension and Chron's disease

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