8 self-care tips nurses wish they knew sooner

Nurses shared valuable self-care tips they wish they'd followed sooner in their careers in a May 8 post on the online discussion board Reddit.

Eight self-care tips nurses shared:

1. "Keep a consistent sleep schedule. If you work nights, you'll be less tired if you wake up and go to bed at the same times every day." – Telteem RN

2. "I finally realized if I have time to either chart or eat lunch, I should eat lunch. The charting goes so much quicker when the brain has some calories to work with." - Poptartsmom

3. "Be smart with caffeine. It works differently for everyone, so know and understand how it is affecting you. I know some nurses that consume 500 milligrams [or more] of caffeine in a shift and then complain about headaches, poor sleep, anxiety, etc. Everyone is different, so my advice is to look at your caffeine intake and make sure it's a net positive in your life." -16semesters, NP

4. "I wish I'd known to switch out between at least two different pairs of shoes. At the first sign of that plantar pain, go and get fitted for inserts. And definitely compression socks! Preferably a wool blend, to help with sweat-wicking." - hotspots_thanks

5. "Don't be scared to call off sick. If you're [sic] place of work is punitive about sick calls, re-evaluate your current employment. My current employer is so liberal about sick days, we are encouraged to use our California Paid Sick Leave (40 hours a year) for 'mental health' days." - Nopassgaszone, BSN, RN

6. "Get a good pair of waterproof shoes. Being able to just wipe off whatever splatters on my shoes without it seeping in is amazing." - THISisTheBadPlace9

7. "It's okay to feel pissed off and burned out and sad and frustrated, but be in touch with your emotions and talk to someone if you need to! … Most jobs have [employee assistance program] counseling for free, and I can't stress utilizing that enough if you're struggling." - Glowinwa5centshine, RN

8. "Don't let anyone stop your growth. If you see an opportunity to grow, take it no matter what anyone says." - MG_warriorRN

To view the full discussion thread on Reddit, click here.

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