Healthcare marketing trends chief marketing officers are keeping top of mind in 2023

Consumer-first content, agile marketing and digital channels are some of the trends hospital and health system chief marketing leaders will be laser focused on in 2023. 

Becker's spoke to four hospital and health system chief marketing and communications officers to discuss the top healthcare marketing trends they're keeping top of mind for the upcoming year:

Editor's note: Responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

1. Consumerism's impact on healthcare experiences: According to Devika Mathrani, chief marketing officer of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, today's digitally savvy consumer has a much higher expectation of brands and is looking for increased levels of personalization, convenience and experience.

2. Consumer-first content: Ms. Mathrani said consumer-first content will be "essential" in 2023. 

"As brands, we can't continue talking to ourselves; we must make the customer the primary focal point," said Ms. Mathrani. "From a healthcare point of view, what people need from their providers has changed, and consumers are engaging more proactively than ever before. We need to build clear content strategies that deliver digestible and impactful information where consumers are looking for it."

3. Equity: According to Ms. Mathrani, equity is front and center for health systems in 2023.

"Health systems must transform their businesses to address the social determinants of health, and prioritize communications to consumers about a high-quality level of care that is accessible and equitable for all to build trust," said Ms. Mathrani. 

4. Agile marketing: Communications departments will need to take an approach to marketing that utilizes the principles and practices of agile methodologies. This includes having self-organizing, cross-functional teams doing work in frequent iterations with continuous feedback.

"Agile marketing will continue to evolve in the healthcare industry and become more prevalent, enabling marketers to leverage consumer insights much like other industries such as hospitality do today," said Sandra Mackey, chief marketing officer of Cincinnati-based Bon Secours Mercy Health. 

5. Segmentation: According to Christine Albert, chief marketing and experience officer of New Orleans-based LCMC Health, segmentation allows health systems to effectively communicate with its consumers and patients — meeting them where they are based on audience similarities. 

6. Digital channels: Ms. Albert also said she is keeping an eye on the use of digital channels to ease the process of navigating complex health systems. 

"With this, we are able to take inspiration from other frequently visited websites, such as Amazon, to provide a more user-friendly experience," said Ms. Albert. "As LCMC Health continues to find creative ways to address the nursing shortage, recruitment research and marketing has also become a top trend to attract and retain top talent."

7. Simplicity: According to Riham El-Lakany, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer for St. Louis-based BJC HealthCare, the last two years for the healthcare industry have been taxing, and simplicity should be a major focus in 2023. 

"We have to simplify the process. Scheduling an appointment, choosing a doctor, understanding where to go when you get to a hospital. We must make those things simpler," said Ms. El-Lakany. "Digital will play an ever increasing role in simplifying the experience. But we must also think of how we communicate, how we provide access to information and how we interact with consumers. There is power in simplicity."

8. Multigenerational and multicultural marketing and communications: Ms. El-Lakany also said she believes there needs to be more deliberate multigenerational and multicultural marketing and communications. 

"One of the tenets of the BJC brand is inclusivity — we believe that every individual deserves to receive the best, most extraordinary care possible. That means doing everything we can to understand the different generational and cultural experiences, under-resourced, and marginalized groups, in order to provide them with the same level of care, customized to meet their unique needs," said Ms. El-Lakany. "People want to feel seen and heard by the people who support them on their healthcare journeys. It's critical that we recognize who we're serving and meet them where they are."

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