101 Infection Control Products to Know

The following 100 infection control products could be useful for any hospital or ASC looking to improve infection control strategies. The products have applications in various areas of healthcare and are sorted according to use. Products were selected based on nominations and on an editorial review process.

Absorbent technology

Canister Express. From Metrex, this plastic canister solidifies bodily fluids from medical procedures, protecting providers from potentially hazardous exposure. It prevents aerosolization and splashing, which can spread infection.

Cleanis Carebag Comode Liner. From Cleanis, the Cleanis Comode Liner reduces microbial transmission by minimizing exposure to potentially infectious waste products. The liner also helps cut down on cleaning associated with commode pails.

GelMax Super Absorbent Powder. A Cleanis product, the powder turns liquids to gels, which reduces biohazards and risk of infection during cleaning and transport of waste. The powder can be used in varying amounts for any amount of liquid.

Cleanis Carebag Bedpan Liner. Also from Cleanis, the company's bedpan liner is designed for pre- and post-anesthesia patients and patients recovering from gastrointestinal surgery. The liner fits most standard-size pans.


UV disinfection

Helios. From Surfacide, Helios eliminates microbes through the use of UV-C light. The short-wave radiation technology uses multiple light emitters to cut disinfection time and improve room coverage.

EDU. From Lumalier UV Surface & Air Disinfection, EDU is a set of four portable UV disinfecting lamps. The lamps can be floor- or ceiling-mounted and have disinfection timers.

SmartUVC. From Tru-D, this UV disinfection system includes room-sensing technology to detect room configuration and regulate microbe-killing dosages of UV light. The system also destroys bacteria that are not in the direct line of light, according to the product website.

Xenex. Xenex is a disinfection system that uses pulses of xenon-based UV light to destroy microbes. The system has been proven effective on more than 22 species of common healthcare pathogen.


Catheters and central lines

ARROWg+ard Blue Antimicrobial Catheter. From Teleflex, the catheter reduces infection risk through impregnation with silver sulfadiazine and clorhexidine both outside and inside the catheter.

BioPatch. From Ethicon360, Biopatch is a chlorhexidine gluconate-infused sponge dressing for use with catheters. The seven-day release of CHG provides protection from catheter-related bloodstream infections for all skin around the catheter and is effective in the presence of organic matter.

Curos Disinfecting Port Protector. From Curos, the passive disinfection device locks onto needleless IV ports. Disinfecting ports after three minutes with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution, it keeps them clean for seven days.

Curos Tips. These devices, from Curos, are designed to keep IV tips infection-free. They do so with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

DualCap System. From CatheterConnections, the DualCap system is a set of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol disinfecting caps for IV tubing. The single-use caps come in single and double versions to accommodate multiple valves.

MaxGuard Connectors. MaxGuard, (formerly Maximus) Connectors are needleless connectors that reduce the risk of IV blockages. From ChloraPrep, the catheters are antimicrobial and reduce the risk of infection.

Dover. From Covidien, these catheters use silver ions to prevent infection around the area of catheter insertion. The catheters come in five different sizes.

SwabCap. From Excelsior Medical, the SwabCap is a single-use solution for use on unused needless connectors on catheters and tubing after the catheter is placed and between catheter uses. The SwabCap prevents connector contamination through the use of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

SwabFlush. This syringe, from Excelsior Medical, is for saline flushes or medication administration. SwabFlush's plunger contains a SwabCap, whose use ensures tubing remains sterile between uses.

TampAlerT Syringe Caps. These EPS-made caps are tamper-evident luer lock closures. The locks are designed for use with controlled substances or medicines requiring special handling. They also help minimize the risk of touch contamination, according to the product website.

Tegaderm. From 3M, this IV advanced securement dressing is waterproof and antimicrobial. It is designed to reduce the number of dressing changes for catheters.

ViaValve Safety IV Catheters. From Smiths Medical, this catheter is designed to prevent unintended needle sticks and backflow of blood. Its design better allows providers to maintain a clean access site, reducing the risk of CLABSIs.


Disinfectants and detergents

DisCide Ultra. From Palmero Health Care, DisCide is a quaternary ammonium alcohol-based disinfectant. It kills pathogens in one minute, and it is available in towelettes and spray. It is EPA-registered and meets Occupational Safety & Health Administration requirements for many common healthcare pathogens.

Dispatch. A Clorox product, the wipes are EPA-registered to kill Clostridium difficile spores and also destroy common multidrug-resistant organisms. The towels contain detergent, eliminating the need for pre-disinfection surface cleaning. They can be used on plastic, plastic laminate, stainless steel, sealed fiberglass and glazed porcelain.

Fuse for Surfaces. From Tristel, this disinfectant is also a cleaner. It is packaged in point-of-use sachets with base and activator packaged separately. It kills many organisms that populate hard surfaces, including C. diff.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant. From Clorox, this disinfectant is approved for use on soft surfaces. It sprays onto any surface and air-dries, killing pathogens in 30 seconds.

Hygea Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic Towelettes. Made by PDI, these towelettes are for skin disinfection. They contain 0.13 percent benzalkonium chloride, a common skin disinfectant.

Mikrozid Wipes. From Schulke, these alcohol-based wipes are for glass, ceramic and laminate surfaces. They act in two minutes and are ideal for use on examination surfaces between patients.

Oxivir Large Wipes. From Diversey Care, part of SealedAir, these wipes use hydrogen peroxide to effectively eliminate pathogens in healthcare settings. The wipes are also part of a larger family of Oxivir products.

OxyCide. This daily disinfectant from EcoLab is a nonbleach formula that doubles as a C. diff sporicide, virucide and deodorizer. The formula includes hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, which don't leave films behind on surfaces, according to the product's website.

PeritdoxRTU Sporocidal Disinfectant. From Contec, this disinfectant is a sporicide, bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide and fungicide in one. It kills spores within three minutes and does not damage most surfaces, including stainless steel, according to the product website.

Steriplex. From sBioMed, Steriplex is a noncorrosive, nonfuming, nontoxic C. diff sporicide, tuberculocide, bactericide, virucide and fungicide. The product comes in liquid and wipe forms.


Equipment for specific procedures

Disposable Uniscope. From WelchAllyn, these scopes allow accurate diagnoses while still being disposable. They are latex free and come in pediatric and adult versions.

EndoKit. From EndoChoice, the EndoKit comes in basic and customizable versions. The basic endoscopy kit contains lubricant, gauze, tubing, a CinchPad for transporting dirty endoscopes and a SafeStart enzymatic sponge and water basin. The customizable kit can contain multiples of any of these items and more, depending on individual endoscopy labs’ needs.

EndoSmart Cap. This Medivators cap is a 24-hour use alternative to the reusable water bottle cap for endoscopy, eliminating the need for reprocessing and reducing infection control risks. Caps are available for Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon scopes.

FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuffs. From WelchAllyn, these one-piece cuffs are single use, which reduces the risk of HAIs. They come in soft or vinyl fabric and are color coded.

PneumoniaCheck. This product, from ArcMedical, is a noninvasive way to collect uncontaminated lung specimens through cough. The device contains a specialized cough filter connected to a sealed bag.


Hand hygiene

Acute-Kare Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash. From Steris, this 1 percent chloroxylenol solution is effective against a wide range of microbes. It is suitable for use in high-risk situations in which reducing cross-contamination is vital.

Contec Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer. From Contec, this alcohol-free sanitizer is also triclosan-free. It does not dry out hands and does not irritate skin.

Glove/Gloves. From Biotrol, these gloves go over latex or nitrile gloves. They are ideal for use when handling charts or for out-of-routine procedures, according to the product website.

GripStrong Glove. From Semipermed, this glove is a softer version of a traditional nitrile glove, complete with textured fingertips. The glove is powder- and latex-free.

HyGreen. The HyGreen system, from HyGreen, checks whether healthcare staff have sanitized their hands by using alcohol-detecting technology originally created for breathalyzers. As alcohol is detected, a badge on the staff member vibrates, indicating the individual has performed hand hygiene.

InstantFoam Hand Sanitizer. DebMed's alcohol-free hand sanitizer contains moisturizers to prevent skin drying. It comes in several sizes and many dispenser options, including touch-free, manual and free-standing.

KC100 LAVENDER Nitrile Exam Gloves. From Kimberly Clark, these gloves are thinner and lighter than standard nitrile gloves. They come in a new SmartPULL Dispenser Box and are a suitable replacement for vinyl exam gloves, according to the product website.

Kindest Kare Skin Cream. This Steris product is ideal for both patients and healthcare workers. It relieves dry or rough hands with emollients and soothing agents. It contains neither petrolatum or mineral oil and is latex-compatible.

Kleenex Ultra Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer. From Kimberly Clark, this foam sanitizer uses 70 percent ethyl alcohol to eliminate pathogens. It contains green tea and cucumber extracts to moisturize skin and soften hands.

PROVON Green Certified Foam Hand Cleanser. This product, by Gojo, is biodegradable foam soap that meets infection control and environmental standards simultaneously. It is fragrance and dye free.

PROVON Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion. This Gojo lotion is an antimicrobial lotion with a deep-conditioning formula. It is latex and CHG compatible.

Quik-Care Nourishing Foam Hand Sanitizer. This EcoLab product is an anti-dermatitis and anti-skin damaging moisturizer fortified with nutrients for hands. It uses 62 percent ethyl alcohol to kill microorganisms.

safeHands. safeHands is an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. It functions through the use of benzalkonium chloride. It is nontoxic, nonflammable and does not irritate skin.

Sani-Hands Bedside Pack. From PDI, this pack of wipes is designed for those with limited mobility to easily access hand hygiene products. Each wipe uses ethyl alcohol to kills pathogens within 15 seconds.

Sempershield Nitrile. From Sempermed, these nitrile gloves feature an extended protective cuff, are powder-free, extra-thick and manufactured without latex. They are also safe for chemotherapy drug exposure.

Specialty Hand and Nail Brushes. From Key Surgical, this line of brushes for hands and nails reduces dirt and improves hand hygiene for scrubbing in and scrubbing out. To view the full complement of brushes, visit the product website.

Sprixx Personal Gel Dispenser. This Sprixx-made product is filled with alcohol antiseptic gel and can be clipped on the belt for single-hand dispensing anywhere, anytime.


Health technology

Disposable Protective Covers. From Healthmark, these covers come ready for phones, tablets and keyboards. They ensure device protection while reducing contamination and the spread of infection.

Medical Mice. By Medgenic, these computer mice are designed with hospital environments especially in mind. The plastic casing is both ergonomic and designed to be thoroughly cleaned with any disinfectant.

SILVER SURF TOUCH Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard, from Seal Shield, is washable, wireless and antimicrobial. It features a silver-based antimicrobial coating to reduce microbial contamination.



AZO Gel Instrument Pre-Clean Gel. By Synergy Health, this pre-clean gel for surgical instruments is designed to keep instruments moist after surgical procedures and before cleaning. It helps technicians remove soil and debris.

CartWashCheck. This Healthmark product is a label designed to check the efficacy and temperature of cart washers. Placing the label in a specific location in the washer shows whether water is reaching that location and records the temperature of the water on an irreversible thermometer strip.  

Cleanascope. The Cleanascope, from Advanced Sterilization Products, is designed to promote safety and efficiency in endoscoping processing. The system of bins and pouches eliminates labeling confusion and potential for contamination.

DuraBlue Sterilization Wrap. From Cardinal Health, DuraBlue wrap is surgical sterilization wrap. It is made from nonwoven polyproylene, which resists tearing and decreases risk of microbial decontamination.

Endozime AW Triple Plus With APA. This Ruhof enzymatic detergent is a proprietary blend of protease, amylase, lipase, carbohydrase and other enzymes, which removes bioburden and stops rust before it begins. It also reduces film build-up from some non-glutaraldehyde disinfectants. The detergent is recommended for the reprocessing of all instruments.

Flush and Brush Station. The station, from MidBrook Medical, is a stand for minimally invasive surgery instrument sterilization designed to improve sterilization efficiency. The stand comes in four-arm and eight-arm versions.

Koala plus Pure. This enzymatic sponge from EndoChoce is a sponge for removing bioburden and for breaking down debris on endoscopes during reprocessing. It is appropriate for wiping down a scope either bedside or in a reprocessing area.

MediCount ATP. This MidBrook Medical ATP detector helps determine how clean sterilized objects actually are, based on a 30-second reading. It includes a software package for helping facilities track sterilization trends based on user-defined parameters such as person, device, location and more.

MicroKleen. A clear instrument tray system from Micro-Scientific, MicroKleen tubs are polycarbonate containers with strainers and covers for soaking and transporting instruments. They help reduce contamination and improve instrument cleanliness.

Single-Use Cleaning Brushes. From Primed Instruments, these brushes are optimized to provide effective scrubbing action. They are kink resistant and come in various combinations for use.

Surgistain. Surgistain, from Ruhof, is a surgical instrument rust and stain remover. It is appropriate for restoring instruments to make surgeries safer, which reduces the risk of surgical site infections.

TOSI. The TOSI washer test, by Healthmark, is a stainless steel device designed to check the efficacy of instrument washers. The device simulates a steel device soiled with blood and is useful in maintaining consistently excellent washer performance for visual instrument inspection.

Tray Belts. These belts, from Cygnus Medical, help improve protection for sterility wraps. The Belts come from a dispenser and cover the corners of sterility wraps to prevent damage caused by potential tray dragging, which may expose sterile instruments to unsterile environments.



ChloraPrep. Carefusion's ChloraPrep is a broad-spectrum agent for preoperative skin preparation. It contains 2 percent CHG and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. It comes in single-use applicators in several sizes.

Dermabond. From Ethicon 360, Dermabond is a topical skin adhesive for surgical closure. The formula allows for added flexibility and strength as well as bacteria inhibition, decreasing risk of SSIs.

Irrisept. From Irrisept, this single-use 450 milliliter bottle of 0.05 percent CHG in water is for wound irrigation. The design of the bottle reduces the risk of biohazards or contamination, which may lead to HAIs

OR Turnover Kit. The kit, from Xodus Medical, includes arm board covers and straps, a patient lift sheet, absorbent table cover, mop head and biohazard and trash bags and tags. The kit helps avoid cross-contamination in the operating room and is compliant with Association for periOperative Registered Nurses, OSHA and The Joint Commission standards.

Prevantics Maxi Swabstick. From PDI, this product is for use before operations and injections. The 3.15 percent CHG and 70 percent isopropyl alcohol formula inhibits antimicrobial action for up to one week, according to the product website.

Steriset Sterilization Containers. The containers, by Medline, are aluminum cases designed for the hygienic transport of surgical instruments. They come in many different sizes and colors and can be cleaned with steam sterilization.

SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System. The system, from SurgiCount Medical, tracks sponges to avoid one of the most common adverse events: retained surgical sponges.



CleanPatch. From Surface Medical, CleanPatch restores damaged mattresses to hygienic, intact states after cuts or tears. The product adheres to mattresses and can be cut to any size.

Disposable Linens. From Tollos (formerly T.H.E. Medical), these linens are a single-use solution for improving infection control. They are recyclable, fire-retardant and water- and blood-resistant.

PurThread. By PurThread technologies, PurThread is an antimicrobial thread that may be woven into a variety of applications, including blankets, curtains and attire. The technology functions through silver embedded into each thread, rendering the resulting fabric permanently antimicrobial.

Uni-Fit BioGuard Disposable Curtains. From Statina Healthcare, these disposable curtains are nonwoven polypropylene treated with a polymer-based biocide, FANTEX HR. The coating combats methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, C. diff, C. albicans and A. niger for up to 18 months. The curtains are available in a variety of sizes.

X-Static. X-Static is a healthcare textiles company that uses silver-impregnated fabric to reduce contamination and the spread of infection. Products include lab coats, scrubs and other soft surfaces.


Water systems

Careguard. Neoperl's Careguard faucet attachment prevents water from becoming trapped within a faucet’s aerator, which can lead to the growth of biofilm. The attachment functions through a controlled release of silver ions and features an energy-saving design with a non-aerated water stream.

Pure LandingPad. This sink mat, from Pure Processing, is a protective, one-half inch liner for stainless steel sinks and cart washers. The mat is made of the antimicrobial rubber MicroStop, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

DrainGel. DrainGel, by Medivators, is an antimicrobial solution for breaking down biofilm in drains. It also eliminates odors. To use, it is simply poured down the drain.



Angry Janitors App. From the International Sanitary Supply Association, Angry Janitors is a phone and tablet app designed to be a fun way to stay educated on hygiene and infection prevention. The app features three virtual zones to clean: school, office and hospital.

BIOlogical. From HealthFirst, BIOlogical is a do-it-yourself spore testing kit. The kit comes in two varieties: an in-office type or a mail-in sample type.

CuVerro Overbed Table. Made by Frigo Design with CuVerro antimicrobial copper, this table has a copper-coated surface to minimize infection transmission among patients.

Guide to the Elimination of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia. By Linda Greene, RN, and Kathleen Sposato, RN, this guide from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology provides evidence-based guidance on eliminating VAP in healthcare settings. It may also be downloaded for personal use for free at APIC's website.

Guide to the Elimination of Mediastinitis SSIs. By Kathleen Kohut, RN, this guide from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology provides evidence-based guidance on reducing the risk of mediastinitis after cardiac surgery. It may also be downloaded for personal use for free at APIC's website.

Guide to the Elimination of MRSA Transmission. By various authors, this guide from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology provides evidence-based best practice guidance for eliminating MRSA transmission in hospital settings A free PDF for personal use is available at APIC's website.

Guide to the Elimination of Orthopedic SSIs. By various authors, this guide from the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology provides evidence-based tools, strategies and resources for SSI prevention. It was developed in collaboration with AORN. A free PDF copy for personal use is also available on APIC's website.

HealthySole Plus. From Detecto, HealthySole is an ultraviolet light product that decontaminates the soles of healthcare workers' shoes. It works in just 8 seconds and is clinically proven to kill up to 99.99 percent of bacterial and viral pathogens on soles of shoes.

HYGEN Microfiber Mop. From Rubbermaid, this mop is double-sided and bleach safe. It covers floor area 20 percent more efficiently than string mops, is sustainable and features color-coding to prevent contamination.

I5 Washer Disinfector. From Skytron, the disinfecting washer is available in six models with a combination of single, two door, electric and steam features. It can be used to disinfect utensils, minimally invasive surgery instruments, trays, glassware, plastic and other tools.

Infection Prevention Boot Camp. This 13-module online course is for new infection preventionists or infection preventionists who want to explore their field further. It is produced by Ladybug Health Productions.

PPE Companion. The Companion, by Medline, is an isolation organization cart. It is easy to clean and disinfect and contains space for body, hand and face protection, hand sanitizer, gown storage and a precautions identification card.

PPE Door Caddy. From Royal Arms Medical, the caddy attaches to doors and is a substitute for isolation carts, which can create logistical difficulties. It is sized to store supplies such as gloves, masks, gowns, medical waste bags and hand sanitizers for patients under contact precautions or in isolation. The caddy can be wiped clean with a surface disinfectant and comes in three different sizes.

ProTector Infectious Waste Bags. From Certol International, these bags are of heavy-duty polyethylene. They are labeled with the biohazard symbol and come in three sizes.

Standard Precautions Compliance Kit. From Statina Healthcare, this kit contains the items mandated by OSHA, the CDC and state health departments to clean up and remove up to one liter of infectious body fluids.

Sterile Doctor. Sterile Doctor, distributed by Global Shield Solutions, is an EPA-certified antimicrobial formula that can be applied to any surface to make it antimicrobial. The product relies on interactions between microbes and organosilanes and lasts up to a year after applied.

TimeStrip. This specialized label can be calibrated for either time or temperature and serves as a visual timing check for healthcare workers for everything from IV changes to medication dose reminders. It works through cold chain technology, though it is shipped and stored at room temperature.

VigiLanz Dynamic Infection Control Monitor. The product, from VigiLanz, is a real-time surveillance software and decision support system for infection control initiatives. It helps providers track outbreaks and stay up-to-date with the latest infection control best practices and regulations.

 Editor's note: This list was updated Sept. 21, 2016, to include HealthySole Plus.

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