Dr. Bradley Crotty, VP and Chief Digital Engagement Officer at Froedtert Health

Dr. Bradley Crotty, VP and Chief Digital Engagement Officer at Froedtert Health joins the podcast to discuss his background, different ways he is leveraging technology today, how he's thinking about growth and adding value to his organization, and more. Want to network with peers and hear more conversations like this? Apply to be one of our complimentary guest reviewers at our upcoming HIT + Digital Health + RCM Meeting Oct, 3-6 2023 here.


Dr. Bradley Crotty discusses leveraging technology in healthcare

In a recent podcast, Dr. Bradley Crotty, VP and Chief Digital Engagement Officer at Froedtert Health, talked about how he is leveraging technology to add value to his organization and improve patient care.


Dr. Crotty has a background in healthcare consulting and brings that experience to Froedtert Health to help the organization navigate the changing healthcare landscape. He believes that technology can play a critical role in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs, and is constantly exploring new ways to leverage it.

Technology and growth

Dr. Crotty sees technology as a key driver of growth in healthcare, but it's important to use it in the right way. He believes that technology should be integrated into the problem being solved, rather than just being used for technology's sake. He also encourages the use of technology to automate functions and empower patients and families to take a more active role in their care.

Investing in infrastructure

Dr. Crotty believes that investing in data and digital engagement infrastructure is essential for healthcare organizations. He emphasizes the need for the right balance between care team autonomy and systems of care to support clinicians, and stresses the importance of looking beyond complex treatments to focus on the broader health of communities.

Network with peers

If you're interested in networking with peers and hearing more conversations like this, apply to be a complimentary guest reviewer at the upcoming HIT + Digital Health + RCM Meeting in October 2023.


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This episode aired on 05/09/2023 and can be listened here.


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