Answer these 4 questions to improve practice performance

At Allscripts, we understand through more than three decades of serving physician practices just how well you know the needs of your patients, and that raising the success of your practice requires much more than technology solutions.

 Today, the most important and differentiating value-add comes from people. It comes from experts and from partners with deep expertise and resources that can be brought to bear exactly when and where needed in a practice. 

Lalonde Ambulatory 4 Corners

Driving up practice performance must start with the four corners of your practice. It’s important to understand the clinical, financial, patient engagement and value-based care drivers to success in order to make the technology work for you.

We think that helping you achieve a higher level of expertise-based performance that delivers breakthroughs in both clinical and financial outcomes can make your practice even more successful than it is today.

The four corners of your practice

In understanding how HIT helps you be successful, ask yourself these questions about the four corners of your practice:

• Clinical: Does my EHR’s user experience help clinicians by reducing cognitive burden, saving them time and raising their satisfaction?
• Financial: Is my financial solution’s workflow a truly unified and efficient financial platform that enables confidence in our reporting and reduces steps in the billing process?
• Patient engagement: What am I currently doing to improve patient satisfaction and retention? Is it yielding the results I want?
• Value-based care: How am I identifying at-risk populations, defining gaps in care and tracking key clinical and financial performance indicators? Where can I improve?

The approach

Our experience tells us that practices really measure technology value through the performance and results their practices achieve — and technology alone is often not enough.

Health IT systems are powerful, and they are positioned to enable providers to deliver smarter and better care. But those systems must work well in concert with the experts within your practice in association with your partners.

Here is the structure we used to build out our approach to helping you be successful:

• What business problems are you trying to solve?
• How do HIT solutions help solve these problems?
• How are similar practices solving these problems and how can you do better?
• What return on investment can be expected by solving your business problem?

Once we have a solid understanding of your business problem, we then ask, “How can we solve it together?”

When your expertise meets ours, the possibilities are endless. Learn more.

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Allscripts' website.

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