12 must-reads for healthcare leaders this week

Culture. Productivity. Strategy. Execution. These ideas will never go out of style for hospital and health system leaders.

The following leadership articles were published by Becker's Hospital Review in the last week.

1. How community hospitals can introduce the surgical home model
With the shift to value-based care already sending ripples throughout the healthcare industry, physicians and hospitals alike recognize the need to institute new delivery models to ensure the quality of care patients receive continues to improve. 

2. 3 health systems' growth strategies, straight from the CEOs
Three health system CEOs discuss key areas for growth over the next few years.

3. 11 health system CEOs on the single healthcare problem they want fixed tonight
We asked nearly a dozen hospital and health system CEOs the following question: If you could eliminate one of the healthcare industry's problems overnight, which would it be?

4. 4 ways to sustain your healthcare organization's improvements
Systemic healthcare improvement only works as well as an organization's ability to sustain and maintain implemented changes, reports Harvard Business Review.

5. 4 benefits of a controlled breathing practice
"Mindfulness" is not just a trendy buzzword. A mindfulness movement has taken hold as corporations and individuals increasingly seek ways to restore calmness amid stress and promote overall well-being. However, many people struggle with meditation, a major tenet of a mindfulness practice. For those people, there is one thing you already know how to do: breathe.  

6. 7 projections from Scripps' Chris Van Gorder following Donald Trump's victory
An unexpected victory for Republican Donald Trump has prompted many to consider what the president-elect's administration will mean for healthcare.

7. How will Donald Trump's presidency affect healthcare? 6 hospital executives & physicians respond
Donald Trump became the president-elect on Nov. 9, and executives from the healthcare industry are preparing for his presidency. Mr. Trump ran on a platform to repeal and replace the ACA and transforming Medicare into a block grant to the states, among other policies. Here is how six hospital executives and physicians are planning for the future.

8. The post-election memo Kaiser Permanente's CEO sent to his team yesterday
Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente, published on LinkedIn a letter he sent to the organization's leaders, employees and physicians early on Nov. 9.

9. How leaders can maintain a big-picture focus every day
Leaders who refrain from micromanaging not only enjoy having highly engaged staff members who have the autonomy to take ownership of their work, but they also free up their time and energy for macromanagement, according to the Harvard Business Review.

10. Hospitals' HR departments should implement these 3 policies for exemplary patient care
Researchers identified three practices hospitals should implement to improve clinical work behavior and provide better care for patients, according to Science Daily. 

11. 10 company rules to kill in 2017
Ridding your company of some human resources practices may improve your chances of snagging tremendous employees. According to an article in Forbes, eliminating certain HR policies from the company will allow employees to feel valued and useful. 

12. 6 hospital, health system CEOs pursuing passion projects
As a hospital and health system CEO, this individual is charged with pursuing and heading up projects integral to an organization's mission and success. Here are six hospital and health system CEOs currently working on projects pertinent to their organization.

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