Here's one contributor to burnout you might overlook

Today, people are twice as likely to report feeling exhausted all the time, compared to 20 years ago, and 50 percent of people attribute their exhaustion to work, according to analysis of the General Social Survey of 2016.

Exhaustion is the most commonly reported component of burnout. Combined with feelings of loneliness — which the survey found was positively correlated with exhaustion — burnout is far more likely, according to the Harvard Business Review.

Loneliness can have serious consequences for individuals, whether it's caused by social isolation or exhaustion, such as increased rates of smoking and drinking and diminished longevity. In contrast, feelings of social connectivity can enhance the immune system, lower rates of anxiety and depression and even extend life.

As organizations search for effective strategies to fight burnout, many are paying attention to ones that can lower exhaustion levels and prevent loneliness among staff.

Here are three strategies leaders and employees can use to ward off loneliness, according to the Harvard Business Review.

1. Promote inclusion and empathy. Workplace cultures that are characterized by supportive, respective and forgiving relationships foster high organizational performance. They also encourage community and strong relationships, which could protect people from burnout and work exhaustion.

2. Encourage employees to create developmental networks. These networks are small groups of employees that individuals can turn to for advice or emotional support. Organizations that make formation of these networks a regular part of office life help remove barriers to connections that might otherwise occur.

3. Celebrate successes together. Celebrating successes as a team helps instill a sense of belonging and solidarity, which can help guard against loneliness and burnout.

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