6 tips for working with a millennial manager

Millennials became the largest demographic in the U.S. workforce this year, meaning many baby boomers and other generations are finding themselves hired and managed by people younger than they are.

New York Times writer Rob Walker reached out to readers and asked for advice on working for a considerably younger boss.

Here are six tips for baby boomers to remember while addressing the workplace generation gap, as compiled by Mr. Walker.

1. Check your bias. "Making age-based assumptions works both ways," one reader wrote. Millenial managers and bosses notice a lack of respect, so don't assume that someone younger than you doesn't know as much as you.

2. Look at it from a new perspective. Some younger managers may not want older people standing in the way of their career path. Treat millenial bosses with the same respect with which you treat more seasoned bosses.

3. Be yourself, but be enthusiastic. It's hard not to take note of people's age, but use your age to your advantage. "You don't have to dress or talk like someone who's 20 or 30 years younger, but you need to negate the stereotypical views that people often have of an older person," wrote a reader. Letting your true self shine through will allow coworkers to see your wisdom and expertise.

4. Review your resume. When applying for a position, don't include every job title you've ever had. Limit it to more recent experience and consider adding younger colleagues as references.

5. Stay up to date with technology. Utilize tools such as YouTube, library courses and colleagues to stay current with tech developments. Mastering social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can also boost your status. Dismissing tech and social media can make you seem close-minded.

6. Remember how much you can contribute. Don't "assume victimhood," as one reader put it. Instead of focusing on age, focus on what skills you can bring to the team. "[If] they don't want to work with you because you're 'too old,' perhaps you don't want to work with them either," another reader wrote.

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