IBM: AI-powered microscopes, mainstream quantum computing & 3 more tech breakthroughs to reshape society by 2023

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IBM Research released its annual "5 in 5" predictions, which forecast five scientific innovations the software company says will change the way people live within the next five years.

Here are this year's predictions.

1. Cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers — will be embedded into everyday objects. With advances in blockchain, these devices will be used to ensure an object's authenticity across the supply chain in food safety and genetically modified products, among other industries.

2. Quantum computers will be able to break through current encryption protocols, leading to the rise of a new cybersecurity method — lattice cryptography. The advanced encryption method cannot be hacked by computers, ensuring sensitive data isn't exposed.

3. Autonomous, artificial intelligence-powered robot microscopes will be deployed around the globe to continually monitor the oceans. These AI microscopes will be able to track plankton movement in 3-D from within an ocean to predict aquatic health, including threats such as red tides or oil spills.

4. AI developers will create solutions to counter the number of biased AI systems and algorithms, ensuring these innovations are built using data that's "fair, interpretable and free of racial, gender or ideological biases," according to a March 19 IBM Research blog post on the "5 in 5" predictions.

5. Quantum computing will be used across industries and become increasingly mainstream. For example, it may be used in university and high school classrooms, according to IBM Research. Researchers will also continue to address complex problems with the technology at a wider scale.

To access IBM Research's blog post on the "5 in 5" predictions, click here.

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