U of Rochester's James Forrester on finding IT talent

Hiring the best tech talent that fits an organization's values will always be a top priority for healthcare CIOs. James Forrester, chief technology officer and associate vice president of IT at University of Rochester (N.Y.) Medical Center, stopped by the "Becker's Healthcare Podcast" to discuss IT recruiting.

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Editor's note: Responses have been lightly edited for clarity. 

Question: Where are you finding the talent that you are able to get in the door and really be successful as you are building your teams? 

James Forrester: One thing that's very different than in the past is that we're much more informed with market compensation data when we go to recruit a position. So historically, I would say that we look more internally and we look at internal equity and things of that nature internal to ourselves at the University of Rochester.

We still do that, but what's different is we're informed with market compensation data when we go to post positions or make hires and offers. Companies such as Mercer, this is their area of expertise. They provide great data. That's a big change from the past.

Another thing is to focus on networking. Leveraging networking through staff who are already here, through tools such as LinkedIn, and really trying to align and share our values and what it is we do, who we are and bring people in who understand those valu

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