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  1. 5 things to know going into the New Hampshire primary

    Voters in New Hampshire are braving the snow to vote in the nation's first primary following the Iowa caucuses. Here are five things you need to know about the primary, which closes Tuesday evening.  By Emily Rappleye -
  2. RCM leaders to know: Michael Orseno, VP revenue cycle, Regent Surgical Health

    As the American healthcare industry is charged with redefining financial responsibility in episodes of care, progressive thought leaders and administrators in the revenue cycle space are increasingly vital in helping hospitals maintain fiscal footing.  By Brooke Murphy -
  3. 15 things for healthcare leaders to know about Obama's 2017 budget

    President Barack Obama shared his $4.1 trillion budget proposal Tuesday for the 2017 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1.  By Ayla Ellison -

Consolidating Non-Clinical Purchased Services

Uncovering buried costs associated with clinical engineering department and consolidating this function can deliver up to 20% cost savings on clinical engineering services.
  1. 6 common characteristics of hospitals vulnerable to closure

    There are 673 rural hospitals across the nation that are vulnerable to closure, and these facilities have many similarities beyond their financial troubles, according to a report from iVantage Health Analytics.  By Ayla Ellison -
  2. Hospital claims Medicare cheated it out of payments using flawed methodology

    DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa, Ala., has filed a federal lawsuit alleging the calculation used by Medicare to determine disproportionate share payments shortchanged hospitals involved in mergers.  By Ayla Ellison -
  3. Rural vs. urban: A comparison of hospital costs and charges

    Rural acute care hospitals charge far less than their urban counterparts, according to a broad analysis of Medicare costs and charges by iVantage Health Analytics, a firm that compiles a hospital strength index that is based on data about financial stability, patients and quality indicators.  By Ayla Ellison -
  4. OIG tags shuttered Louisiana hospital for incorrect billing

    HHS' Office of Inspector General found Promise Hospital, a now-closed 54-bed transitional care hospital in Gonzales, La., submitted erroneous bills to Medicare for treatment of a rare malnutrition condition.  By Ayla Ellison -

The New Rules of Healthcare Recruiting

This paper looks at the trends reshaping the healthcare workforce and the new rules of recruiting.
  1. Molina Healthcare sees profit increase as revenue jumps 45.6 percent

    Molina Healthcare saw its revenue increase in 2015, as the health insurer benefited from enrollment growth.  By Ayla Ellison -
  2. Walgreens introduces drug disposal kiosks at 500 stores

    To help curb prescription drug abuse, Walgreens plans to install medication disposal kiosks in more than 500 stores where individuals can deposit medications, including opioids and controlled substances. By Akanksha Jayanthi -
  3. UW Health names CEO: 6 things to know

    Madison, Wis.-based UW Health has named Alan Kaplan, MD, CEO.  By Kelly Gooch -
  4. 39 health organizations to Congress: Allow continuous enrollment Medicaid, CHIP

    Thirty-nine allied health organizations have submitted a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would provide 12 months' continuous enrollment for Americans in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.  By Kelly Gooch -

8 Steps to Evaluate a Digital Rounding Solution

Uncover the steps to take in choosing the right digital rounding solution for your organization.
  1. Cigna, Novartis agree on outcome-based price for heart drug

    Health insurer Cigna and Switzerland-based Novartis have agreed to set a performance-based price for Novartis' new heart drug, Entresto, according to Reuters. By Erin Marshall -
  2. Iowa Gov. Branstad defends Medicaid privatization plan

    Despite criticism from former Gov. Chet Culver (D), Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) is standing by his decision to privatize Medicaid, according to The Des Moines Register. By Erin Marshall -
  3. 4 pitfalls that trip up new executives and how to avoid them

    Between 50 percent and 70 percent of new executives fail within 18 months of their appointment, and there's a common reason why. By Tamara Rosin -
  4. High deductibles and the 'savvy' consumer: Why the plan to cultivate smarter healthcare shoppers has failed

    High deductibles and co-payments were designed to make patients approach shopping for healthcare with the same scrupulousness as in other parts of the economy. But is this actually working? By Tamara Rosin -
  5. Can employee wellness programs work in a high-stress hospital environment?

    Workplace wellness programs have become increasingly common across companies spanning a variety of industries. With access to health screenings, nap rooms and fitness tracking programs, employees and companies benefit from healthier workers and improved productivity. Ironically, employee wellness programs are less popular in healthcare, despite the industry's implicit dedication to improving people's health. By Tamara Rosin -
  6. Employment growth exceeds 13M new jobs since implementation of ACA: 8 findings

    Despite warnings from opponents of the Affordable Care Act, to date, there is no evidence that the Obama administration's signature health reform has had a negative impact on economic growth or that its measures have eroded full-time employment. To the contrary, findings show the ACA has likely stimulated the economy and contributed to more than 13 million new jobs over the last five years, according to a recent report from the Commonwealth Fund.  By Tamara Rosin -
  7. 44 hospitals with the lowest door-to-diagnoses ED wait times

    The following is a list of hospitals where patients spent on average five minutes or less in the emergency department before they were seen by a healthcare professional, as listed on Hospital Compare.  By Shannon Barnet -
  8. Marco Rubio endorses substance abuse bill

    Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said Monday he will co-sponsor a bill to address opioid abuse and heroin use.  By Emily Rappleye -
  9. Tax confusion spurs ACA extension

    The federal government is extending the signup period for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act for people who misunderstood tax filing requirements in 2014, according to The Hill.  By Emily Rappleye -

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